The Absentminded Professor

Why does anyone make such a quiz? I suppose in this case it would be all in the pursuit of art and discovery; to see if the efforts will bring results. So I thank you for your attention.

The prologue: How Much of an Absentminded Professor are You? As your curiosity grows, enticing you, and catching hold roughly of your shirt, chin and eyes, please dear friend, come inside.

Created by: Anna McNarin of
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  1. What do you see when you look in a mirror?
  2. Where does your faith lie?
  3. Who would you say is most fit to be hung?
  4. What colour are your days on average?
  5. How would you classify yourself?
  6. What is your preferred reading material?
  7. When you don't understand something do leave it at that, or do a bit of research to find things out?
  8. Consternation
  9. What question would you like to ask those behind this quiz if you could?
  10. Which of these generes do you prefer?
  11. 42

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