God vs Satan. Which side are you on?

Hi there! I'd like to welcome you to my little quiz. I hope you have a bit of fun and I would like to make it very clear that I not trying to be offensive in any way ok? I have to fill in this paragraph, which is a bit stupid I think.

So... as it saids in the title, God vs Satan. By the end of this quiz you would have made the choice between Good and Evil or you've decided to look out for number one or, you simply can't choose. Have fun! =]

Created by: Deaths B1tch
  1. Your on the way to school/work and time suddenly freezes. A angel suddenly appears and it looks hurt, and your the only person not frozen in time. What do you do?
  2. Your on a midnight stroll. Then on the home your sucked into a vortex and when awake your staring into the face of Satan. What do you do?
  3. Satan tells you that he will give you the power to move things with your mind if you go undercover in the Vactican. What's your response?
  4. Regardless to your response you immediately find yourself in the Vactican, and you test to see if you have the power(or powers if you asked for astral projection) and you find that you do have the power(s). What's your next move?
  5. One month has passed since Satan gave you your power(s). Your now the Pope! What's your next course of action?
  6. You've recieved word that the star of Bethlehem is beginning to glow again but, on the opposite side of the world! What are you thinking?
  7. It's18 years later. You've changed the Catholic church to how you see fit. Your on the home to visit your wife/husband and son/daughter when Satan appears before you again. He tells you that the Catholic church is on it's last legs(despite your course of action) but the Protestant church is getting stronger. The Catholic church still has millions of members however and Satan commands you to kill all your preist in front of the public and declare that you worship him. Do you do it?
  8. You either destroyed the Catholic church like Satan said or he morphed into you and done it himself. There are a lot of Christians after you now. You go to live in the moutains for a while. You decide to locate the Antichrist. But you need a plan, so where you decide to go?
  9. In the previous question if you picked answer #1 then your Brother turned you in to the Protestant church. If you picked answer #2 or #3 the Protestant church found you before you could carry out your plans. Your given an excorism then your banished from the Church. So what now?
  10. Your killed in a car crash. Your spirit doesn't move on so your stuck on Earth as a ghost. You find out that your Son/Daughter is the Reincarnation of Jesus Christ you've been watching over him/her, you decide to appear to him/her. What do you say?
  11. Your Son/Daughter has mastered their powers and have chosen the side of good. The Antichrist is ready to take over the world. You found out a few weeks ago you can possess a body. You now know the location of the daggars after searching. You take the daggars but what do you want to do with them? Now you have to make a choice.
  12. Your now in the Himalayas. You have the daggars but then a demon appears and attacks you, then an angel appears and attacks the demon. Your watching them fight. Your still holding one daggar. What do you do?
  13. It's only a few days until the battle. You hear rumours of Christians going to Italy where you Son/Daughter is and of a rift in the sky in the sky in the US. You can easily get to either country if you ditch the body that you've possessed. But that means that you can't carry the daggar. You travel to the UK to hide it then ditch the body. So where are you heading?
  14. Unfortunley there are others loyal to God and Satan so now both sides know that the daggar is in the UK. The Antichrist needs to destroy the daggar so theres less of a chance that he'll die and your Son/Daughter wants the daggar so he/she has more of a chance of defeating the Antichrist. What do you do?
  15. The fight is on. Both God and Satan have appeared and are fighting. Your Son/Daughter is fighting the Antichrist. Christians and Demons are killing each other. Who do you join?

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Quiz topic: God vs Satan. Which side am I on?