Are You TRULY Evil??

Many people say they're evil and take quizzes to prove it. Now take a real quiz and well see whos a saint or satan. Please time is running thin hurry if u dare.

Are you evil do you have the heart-or moresay the lack of heart to prove your inerdemon. Well in the name of satan now you can prove it. Unless you're afraid?

Created by: Vance
  1. You're at home and your dad maks you spill you lemonade.
  2. You are at school your tacher gives you n F.
  3. Your g/bf whom you forced into going out with you finally got the courage to dump you.
  4. Your alltimate vampire acting hero just got killed and you meet the guy that did it.
  5. You're driving and get rear ended the guy apologizes and pays the damages.
  6. You see a baby in a black car with the windows closed except for one barley open what do you do.
  7. Your in a race with a guy on the freeway and it leads to the road with a limping cat.
  8. U finish the quiz and get your result and somehow see me the next day.
  9. Jk this is the last question remember the question above. U chose to send me to hell with the priests and now my ghost haunts you.
  10. No wait this is the final one how did u feel about this quiz.
  11. If you were truly evil you wouldve blown this cmputer up by now, what do you hav to say for yourself.

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Quiz topic: Am I TRULY Evil??