What demon are you?

The demon world has many different inhabitants. Some are kind and wise, while some are mean and cold. Demons have bloodlust, and claws to fulfill it. A demon is a being that is born cursed under the title of evil.

What demon are you? This quiz will tell you which demon you are most like, of a selction of demons from a pre-chosen pack. Are you ready to know whether you are controlled by bloodlust? Or whether you could lead a pack? Use this quiz to find out.

Created by: The Coldest Sun
  1. If a fight were to break out between some members of the pack, how would you react?
  2. If you had a bloodlust- meaning you enjoy the taste of blood and meat- which would you prefer to eat?
  3. What activity do you enjoy most of these?
  4. What is/are your favorite color(s) of these?
  5. When searching for a mate, what quality do you look for?
  6. If a hostile, unwelcome pack began to intrude in your pack's territory, how would you react?
  7. Which element of these do you favor?
  8. Which of these weapons do you favor?
  9. Which flavor appeals to you most?
  10. Which pack name do you like best?
  11. If you were leader, and a member of your pack disputed a decision you made, how would you react?
  12. What would be your belief on hunting humans for food? Please take into account that a human's blood does taste better than any other kind..
  13. What would you build a pack based on?
  14. Which symbol best describes you?
  15. Which terrain do you prefer?
  16. What kind of music do you like?
  17. Which of these best describes you when you have become angry?
  18. What is your opinion of this quiz?

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Quiz topic: What demon am I?