Avatar The Last Airbender: Master Quiz

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Only a quiz for avatar masters. Will test your concentration to a very fine level on some very hard things. Covers all three season. If you are a true fan and have watched it many times. Test yourself now.

Do you have what it takes to be a master? Take your concentration to the test and see how your knowledge of avatar is and see how you go. Includes specific and hard trivia questions.

Created by: David
  1. In the episode "The Desert" Sokka drinks some strange cactus juice and thinks that a sand cloud is what?
  2. Zuko has a scar on his eye, how was it caused?
  3. Ty lee has how many sisters?
  4. Who was the first outsider to join the Kyoshi Warriors?
  5. The bags in the back of Appa's saddle were given to them by who?
  6. Who invented metal-bending?
  7. Who stole Appa
  8. Who are the original earth benders?
  9. Who are the orginal air benders?
  10. What was the original water bender?
  11. Where is it banned for women to waterbend?
  12. Aang fed Appa what when they first met?
  13. Momo was who's pet?
  14. Which chakra did aang refuse to unlock

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