Are you Depressed?

Hi. If your taking this quiz you must be wondering whether you should or should not get evaluated for Depression or, your just bored. If it's the former take my quiz to find out and afterwards if you want, (I recommend it) do a bit of reseach into Depression. There are so many experiances, stories, facts and fiction about Depression. You'll learn a lot.

PLEASE DO NOT TREAT THIS AS AN EVALUATION. I encourage you to do your own research on Depression then decide whether to get evaluated by a professional.

Created by: Deaths B1tch

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  1. When you look in the mirror in the morning, how do you feel?
  2. Let's talk hygeine. Some people who suffer from Depression let their hygeine suffer. So, how's your hygeine?
  3. Do you have suffer from insomnia or oversleeping? Or both?
  4. How's your life at the moment?
  5. Do you find it difficult to stay focused and complete task regardless of whether it's challanging or not? (This does sound like ADD/ADHD but Depression does have symptoms similar to other mental disorders and sometimes fits into a mental illness like Bipolar Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder[BPD]. It really depends on the individual.)
  6. The next few questions are 'On a scale' questions with 1 being the lowest and 6 being the highest. So, On a scale of 1-6 how often do you have negative thoughts about yourself?
  7. On a scale of 1-6 how positive are you about your sexual orientation? (Some people get Depressed because they are deeply unhappy with their sexuality).
  8. On a scale of 1-6 how often do you put your life on hold because your emotions?
  9. On a scale of 1-6 How much do you love yourself?
  10. What are your thoughts on suicide?
  11. Are you suicidial?
  12. Do you have another mental disorder? And if so could it cause Depression?
  13. Have you lost interest in things you use to enjoy?
  14. Happiness. What does that word mean to you?
  15. Are you lonely? If so how do you feel? (Remember alone and lonely aren't the same thing, so think carefully on this one.)
  16. Are your eating habits abnormal?
  17. What phrase below would you use to describe humanity?
  18. Do you have an imaginary friend that you talk about your problems with?
  19. Do you often think violent thoughts? (E.g. Murder, self-harming, rape, torture, genocide, suicide, mugging, hurting someone else, mental torture etc.)
  20. Last question. How would you describe your state of mind?

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Quiz topic: Am I Depressed?