Many people think they are depressed because they feel left out because they don't have those really nice clothes like a lot of people do, and they feel like they just don't fit in.. well you can change that if you would just stay positive and have some self confidence.

So the question is are you depressed? Do you sit there and ask what if, why not, and why is my life so hard? Take this quiz and find out if you need help or if you are perfectly fine:)

Created by: ambee

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  1. Do you look in the mirror and just say "what could be better"?
  2. Do you sit in a dark room by urself?
  3. Did u just get out of a bad relationship?
  4. Have you lost a lot of your good friends over a guy?
  5. Have you inflicted self harm?
  6. Have you noticed you stress bout the little things all the time?
  7. Do you wish ur life could b completely different?
  8. Do you find urself crying over the past?
  9. Do you get mad for no apparent reason?
  10. Do you feel lonely and the need to have a gf/bf?

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