Major depression test

Everyone feels sad once in a while. But if your sadness is accompanied by a cluster of other bad things/thoughts, you may be depressed. This test doesn't resemble a diagnosis.

Are you clinically depressed? is your sadness associated with a serious mood disorder? Take this test to see if you may be depressed. This isn't meant to diagnose yourself.

Created by: Jim
  1. During the past 2 weeks, how often have you felt sad, down, depressed or irritable?
  2. During the past 2 weeks, have you lost interest in activities you used to enjoy, or lost pleasure in these activities?
  3. During the past month, have you gained or lost (at least) 5% of your body weight, without dieting or weight loss programs?
  4. Has your appetite increased (resulting in weight gain) or decreased (resulting in weight loss) during the past month?
  5. Which answer best describes your sleeping pattern during the past month, which differs from your normal sleep pattern?
  6. Have you been agitated in the past 2 weeks? Have you been pacing back and forth, restless and fidgety, or tense when you're under anxiety or depression, nearly every day?
  7. Have you felt slowed down (physically & mentally) almost every day? Has your thinking been slowed down, your speech slowed, and had slow physical movement?
  8. Choose which answer best describes your levels of energy and mental and physical exhaust almost every day.
  9. Have you recently had a lack of motivation to do most, or all, things, which could be associated with losing pleasure in activities?
  10. Choose which answer best describes your levels of anxiety in the past two weeks, which are abnormal to your usual anxiety levels.
  11. Describe your self-esteem during the past month(s), and has it changes from your regular self esteem?
  12. During the past month(s), have you faced feelings of emptiness, remorse, guilt, worthlessness or severely excessive guilt which seems delusional?
  13. Have you have extreme difficulty concentrating recently? Have you had excessive difficulty organizing your thoughts and making decisions?
  14. Even when good things happen to you, do you still feel depressed?
  15. Have you thought of ending your life, killing yourself, or committing suicide to end your pain and suffering?
  16. Are you happy with the way your life has been going recently?
  17. Have these symptoms that I've asked interfered with your daily life, from academics/work to your social life, with a SIGNIFICANT impact?
  18. Has a blood relative (family member, cousin, etc.) been diagnosed with a mood disorder in the past?
  19. Do you have a history of mental/psychiatric illness?
  20. Do you have an existing or previous physical condition which could cause some of these symptoms listed?
  21. Have any of these symptoms been caused by the use of drugs/alcohol, or a medication that you're on?
  22. In the past year, have you faced the loss of a loved one, which explains why you're so sad?

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