do you have depression

1 of 6 people have depression. that's not a good thing, find out of you have depression by taking this quiz.Depression can become very serious, so if you depression go see a doctor!

Do you have depression? Or are you just down in the dumps??? Take this 10 question quiz and find out if you have just takes only about 2 minutes.

Created by: yana

  1. are you emotional
  2. do you have low/short temper
  3. do you think about suicide/ thoughts of death
  4. do you awaken randomly during sleep/ do you have trouble going to sleep
  5. do you find it hard to concentrate
  6. have you lost weight or gained weight, have you lost your appetite
  7. have you lost interest in your normal day activities/ have you become lazy
  8. do you have low energy/ do you get tired easily
  9. do you find it hard to have a romantic relationship with ppl
  10. do you feel like everything is your fault, do you have low-self esteem, do you feel hopelessness

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Quiz topic: Do I have depression