Are You Depressed?

Depression is a feeling of severe sadness, despondency, and dejection. Depression is very common. Many people usually take anti-depressants to treat this, but no medicine can treat depression 100%. Depression can be overcame, as long as you make a strong effort and think positive.

Do you think you are depressed? Are you just here for fun to see? Well, if you're wondering, you can take this quiz. These results are not a guaranteed diagnose, I am not a doctor. I actually have depression myself, I understand. I promise. Take the quiz, and find out.

Created by: Brooklyn :)
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you think you're depressed?
  2. Do you have interest in any hobbies that you actually enjoy?
  3. Are you insecure?
  4. How have you been sleeping?
  5. Who bothers you?
  6. How well do you eat?
  7. Do you date a lot or get in to relationships very frequent?
  8. Have you went through a traumatic loss recently?
  9. Do you want to kill yourself?
  10. How often do you think about how bad your life is?
  11. Have you got out of the house this past week?
  12. Do you have friends?
  13. Do you make an effort to look good?
  14. How would you rate your depression on a scale of 1-10
  15. Is this quiz good? (Doesn't count towards results)

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Quiz topic: Am I Depressed?