are you depressed?

many people suffer depression around the world and the majority are teens. i have personal expierience with depression, and self harm and it is not fun.

if you think you are going through depression but not sure, take this quiz. i have lots of personal expierience and these questions came from things that i think/ feel on a daily basis.

Created by: ilena

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  1. do you every feel "empty" inside
  2. how often do you feel down/sad?
  3. do you ever feel alone?
  4. do you ever feel like there is 2 sides to yourself? one insulting yourself and the other crying?
  5. what do you think when looking in the mirror? (are you insecure)
  6. do you ever feel like harming you self in anyway? (cutting, burning, bruising etc.)
  7. do you self harm? (cutting, burning, bruising, substance abuse etc.)
  8. do you often "fake a smile" (you feel terrible but you smile so no one knows)
  9. have you lost interest inthings you would normally love to do?
  10. do you feel tired often?
  11. do you ever have trouble sleeping?
  12. how often do you lose your appetite?
  13. do you ever feel you deserve any pain you get (phisical, emotional, verbal abuse, etc)

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Quiz topic: Am I depressed?