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  • I got 77%! :3

    But I already know I have major depression, and a whole lot of other mental issues. There has been no loss to my family lately, I'm just turning emotionless. I've been lacking of eating and sleeping, but I haven't checked my weight in quite a long time! :0

    I don't really remember the last time I was happy, even if it was today. I have constant turning in sleep, I have trouble sleeping (I usually stay up untill 2 or 3 AM), and occasional nightmares. If my dog died... Then I know for sure I'd fall into a very serious mental condition..

    My mother has been trying to get a therapist for me, but my two previous therapists left. My first one moved away, and my second one quit to get her own company.

    But anyways, great quiz! Keep it up!! :3

  • There is a 95% chance you are depressed.

    There is a very high percentage of you have clinical depression, or at least being in a depressive episode. Answers like yours indicate severe depression. If you're suicidal, call a hotline or go to the ER.

    welp. there is no use in going to the ER or even calling that stupid hotline nor getting any type of ¨help¨. nothing is going to help me. nothing. and ya know thats just how it is for me.. im gonna be like this for the rest of my life... well not really the REST of my life because ill make sure its not very long..

  • i got 77%. im 11, and i want to die. great quiz btw


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