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  • I have smiling depression, but I don't want to bring that drama into here. :3

    I'm just saying- lately, I've been getting extremely sensitive over useless things. My older sister said she would tell on me and I'd get grounded for doing research- I'm not sure why, but I nearly started crying.

    She always says I'm not depressed, I don't need braces, I'm overly sensitive, I'm the mental one, I'm a brat, etc.

    Sometimes, I wish I could break out in tears, with someone to understand me. I've fallen into the void of unhappiness, and it's a shame nobody will listen to anyone suffering from depression.

    I used to be the most happy, enthusiastic, optimistic one in the house- until suddenly, one morning, I woke up, looked in the mirror, and asked myself, "Who am I? Why do I matter?"

  • I'm depressed:'( I'm ugly and I'm lonely(I have a ton of friends but they don't live near me) and I have 6 younger siblings who r always pissing me off! And I'm in love with someone who doesn't even know I exist, and he has a girlfriend and it hurts me so much to see him with her:( And I can't talk to anyone about it cuz no one would understand and I try not to let my feelings show(when they do no one notices anyway excep for my friends) cuz my parents wouldn't care:( I know they love me and all but they seem to hate me:(

  • I am depressed I have like 5 friends but I can rarely talk to them about my life because Im a non-binary lesbian and they are all cis and straight. I have a gf but we live far apart from each other and we can rarely talk. Some days I eat too much and some days I dont eat at all. I hate myself! My parents know how I feel and they joke about it! For my 11th birthday (Im 12 now) they gave me a rope and said try not to kill yourself with this and my friends say that Im not depressed I just think that I am because Im emo! The only things that make me happy these days are acting and singing show tunes but whenever I do any of those things my parents yell at me to shut up! I need someone to talk to but no one will even consider bringing me to a therapist!

  • Not Depressed. Just Sad. 77%

    Since you got this result I would say that your not depressed but something else is bothering you which is making you sad. Find the source of this feeling and try and deal with it. Good Luck.


  • i just dont no whats wrong with me. i feel sad and alone sometimes and i use to have anxiety but now i just dont no....if someone felt how i felt...they would understand :(

    remember me
  • i have depression..



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