How emo / depressed are you?

A lot of people, mainly teenagers, are depressed and emo. Emo stands for emotional and it's also a type of music. Most emo kids feel so alone in the world (as described in 'I'm just a kid' by Simple Plan), unwanted, scared and they usually miss one or more people.

Are YOU emo? Or are you just a normal kid? Take this quiz and see if you are just some kid making up your fake problems to pretend to be emo or if you're a proper emo kid, with real problems and pretty bad depression.

Created by: amazon
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  1. Can you relate to songs by Simple Plan?
  2. Do you miss someone?
  3. Has anyone ever told you you're emo / depressed / a mess?
  4. Do you have more than 100 emo avatars on your profile page?
  5. Do you agree that life's not fair?
  6. Do you do well at everything you do?
  7. Do you doodle hearts or stars?
  8. (I know you must hate these questions) What's your favourite colour?
  9. Do you THINK you're emo or depressed?
  10. Do you believe there's hope?
  11. Do you think you could be happy if you tried?
  12. Are you always forcing laughs and faking smiles?
  13. Do you wish you were a white crayon so you could never be used?
  14. Would you like to be a princess?
  15. Do you believe that if someone smiles it means they're happy?
  16. Do you write on your hands?
  17. Do you write emo quotes on your hands?
  18. Have you ever been emo before and managed to stop being emo, promised yourself you'd never be emo again but ended up being emo all over again?
  19. Did you like this quiz?
  20. Oh, one last question; On the whole, do you hate people?

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Quiz topic: How emo / depressed am I?