Are You Depressed?

Often people feel sad and sometimes it can get out of hand. It happens to everyone but for someone who goes through it every single day is a bad sign.

Are you often feeling depressed? Do you want to know how bad it is? This is not a professional diagnostic but its close. Take this quiz to know if you suffer from depression.

Created by: wendy
  1. How much do you hate your self image from 1 to 5?
  2. Have you ever cut yourself?
  3. Do you have little energy to do things?
  4. Do you isolate yourself?
  5. Do you often feel you are alone?
  6. Does your past haunt you?
  7. Do you often look back and wish you had done tings differently?
  8. Have you ever wanted to leave your body?
  9. Do you take antidepressants?
  10. Do you suffer from anxiety?
  11. Do you miss someone?
  12. How often do you take a shower?
  13. Do you binge eat?
  14. Do you use drugs because your sad?
  15. Do you cry yourself to sleep?
  16. Do you hate your life?
  17. Is it hard to smile?
  18. Have you given up in trying to better yourself because you feel your life is pointless?
  19. How often are you sad?

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Quiz topic: Am I Depressed?