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I wanted to post a few of my poems and such to a website. So why not gotoquiz!? So I just posted some things I wrote to this website! I wanted to post a few of my poems and such to a website. So why not gotoquiz!? So I just posted some things I wrote to this website!

I wanted to post a few of my poems and such to a website. So why not gotoquiz!? So I just posted some things I wrote to this website! I wanted to post a few of my poems and such to a website. So why not gotoquiz!? So I just posted some things I wrote to this website!

Created by: Emma LAWL
  1. Here are just some things I wrote! There are short stories, poems, and more! Enjoy~
  2. This one is a Narrative by me. It's called, "Smile Creator"
  3. I sit in the bench on the corner of room. When people walk past me I kindly wave, but they don't wave back. I continue to wave though. Every once in a while someone would wave back. One day a man came bustling through the hall. Me sitting on a green bench next to the soda machine; I look up at him. Too focused on putting a glove on, he doesn't look back. I wave. The man, looking tired not seeing me completely, pulls out his phone, frustrated tapping the tiny glowing images on the screen. Calm, I stand up and walk up to him. I gently pull on his coat. He looks at me in annoyance. I smile, then pull him over to the soda machine and buy a drink for him. He takes a sip, eyeing me suspiciously. I continue to smile though. "Have a nice day sir." I say. He grunts in reply, "I won't be a good day. I am having my job interview today. I'm obviously going to do badly." "No you won't," I say, "I believe in you." He stares at me. "Have a nice day sir." I repeat. He smiles at me, "You too." He leaves, and I sit back down on my bench. I continue you to wave to everyone. Through weeks, more and more people wave back. One day a girl with battered chocolate brown skin sits next to me. She smiles shyly. For the rest of the day we wave to friends and strangers together. The next day she comes back bringing some friends, and we all sit on the wall, sharing a smile.
  4. This next one is about a girl being bullied. I hope experiencing bulling from the victim's point of view will encourage people to prevent bulling. Many teens are losing their lives to suicide, due to bulling. YOU can stop this! Report cyber bullies right away, and be kind to everyone. You don't know what the person you're chatting to has gone through.
  5. I sit in the dark, Alone; as my thoughts whirl around me, They each take turns stabbing at my heart, They cut in line hoping to get a taste of Life's Cruel Joke. I wave to my friend, I don't get a smile back, Again, Each day as I carry my gray gloomy cloud above my head, If I try to speak it spread, Maybe I'll go away, I won't be hurt, Forgotten. I hide in my corner, Alone, Except the shiny blade sitting by my knees, Telling me please. I can stab this knife through my thoughts, I'm not afraid, A path will be cleared, and I'll open a black door, and the darkness will be filled with those shinning lights- I set end down, I ignore those tears, I let the coldness hug me. The next day, I wear my hood of shame, If I take it off I'll be laughed at like Life's Cruel Joke. I hobble alone. Under a frail birch tree. Suddenly, Two arms embrace me from behind, The cold in me tries to fight but I get the happiness I urged for. I turn around hoping my mystery won't laugh, A smile greets me whom I can call FRIEND. Life's Cruel Joke; I assume isn't that cruel after all.
  6. This next poem is shorter and has the same idea.
  7. A wisp of cold air soars through my fingers, Leaving an icy feeling, It's okay if I fall, No one will notice, Accept for the whispers on the streets, Each whisper, Glaring at the motionless body, Falling, Darkness, Quietly, But that's okay, Because as the memory fades, The whispers fade too.
  8. This next one is a series I am working on! High School lurv (
  9. "High school," Tina whispered; her hand was shaking as it rested in yours. You squeeze it. "And we're going to make the best first impression!" You try saying enthusiastically; instead you turn out sounding sad. "Here we go." Tina said giving the indication to begin walking. Neither of you move. The first bell rings. "We don't want to be late!" You say starting to walk. You are just leaving the parking lot, when Tina yelps, "WATCH OUT!!!" She jumps away, but you blindly continue forward as you bump into someone. You knock the person over, and whoever it was dropped something big. You open your eyes and feel pain in your knee. Tina helps you up. You gasp, when you see who you knocked over. A handsome 11th grader lies on the ground in front of you; his blonde bangs are pushed out of his closed eyes, and his (purple) shirt is slightly rolled up because of the fall. All around him lay pieces of a toothpick town project. Your heart sinks. "Is he dead?" Tina asks. Though the question is stupid, he is laying so still you wouldn't be surprised if he was. To find out you poke him.
  10. That's it! SWAG SWAG YOLO

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