Wigwam Triva December 2007

The Wigwam Trivia Quiz is difficult. It proves just how much of a Wigwammer you are and how much attention you pay to the stories told at camp. The questions are pretty clever so you much read them properly.

Have a go and see how you do. We'll post the best results on the wigwam website. Remember, take your time. The answers are designed to trick so keep your eyes open. The winners might even receive a prize. GOOD LUCK!!

Created by: Camp Wigwam

  1. How many tent platforms are their on upper campus at Wigwam? (The Wooden platforms the tents go on)
  2. What was the newest structure on upper campus at Wigwam in summer 2007?
  3. Which sport is not commonly played on the Upper D?
  4. Which of the following was not a team name on Harry Potter day?
  5. Which cabin is not a bunk row cabin?
  6. What was Peter Farber's first summer at Wigwam?
  7. What was the first summer under Strauss ownership?
  8. Who is the only counselor to be Head Judge twice?
  9. Who was a Head Coach during Color War 2005?
  10. Name one counselor who has lived in the Yurt alone for a summer.
  11. Last easy question. What is the oldest building at Camp?

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