Cabbage Patch Kid Lover Quiz

Maybe you stood in line before dawn and wrestled another desperate mom for that last big yellow box in December of 1983, or maybe you just discovered those darling 2007 Fresh Scent 'Kids with the adorable eyelashes in your local Wal-Mart! Either way, you love Cabbage Patch 'Kids.

They're cute and cuddly. They're one-of-a-kind and adoptable. Find out how much you love them, and how you stack up against other Cabbage collectors! Put on your "My Cabbage Patch Kid and Me" matching outfits and take this quiz.

Created by: AmyD
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  1. Do you still have your first Cabbage Patch Kid?
  2. Which of the following terms have you used to refer to one of your Cabbage Patch Kids?
  3. Describe your 'Patch.
  4. What is the most you have ever paid for a single Cabbage Patch Kid?
  5. Quick! What color is the signature on a 1987 Coleco?
  6. How do you feel about Cabbage Patch Kids who have the pox?
  7. Do you talk to your Cabbage Patch Kids?
  8. Do you belong to any Cabbage Patch Kid Collectors' Clubs?
  9. Have you ever dreamed about Cabbage Patch Kids?
  10. Your Cabbage Patch Kid repair kit includes...
  11. Quick! When is Xavier Roberts' birthday?
  12. You adopt Cabbage Patch Kids that look...
  13. Your Cabbage Patch Kids have their own...
  14. When you were a kid...
  15. So, why did you take this quiz anyway?

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