Ohmygosh!!!!! :/

UGH! I wrote a quiz that explained everything but now I have to write a new one since the other isn't showing up under new quizzes :P anyways yeah everything's explained in this!

Make sure to read the top pretty please! Ok I typed a whole freaking lot and my arm is tired so yea I'm going to say random stuff like cheese and cupcakes there!

Created by: musicdino

  1. Oh my gosh!!! I made that quiz to let everyone know and now this?! Grrr....
  2. Ok well most of you don't know what in the world I'm talking about but I made a quiz to let everyone know that I'm new to GTQ and I was going to start a series soon but now I look and it's not even in the new quizzes thing!!! All that typing for nothing!! Geez!
  3. SO yeah lets start ALL over *sigh* I'm new to GTQ. I'm might well no pretty sure I AM going to start a series I don't know what it's going to be about YET so... Yeah
  4. Ok I'm not really sure how it's gonna turn out. If it's bad please tell me (but don't be harsh about it)and if it turns out good than tell me. Seriously though if it turns out bad tell me what the flaws were and stuffeds like that
  5. If it doesn't turn out well please don't be rude it's my VERY FIRST series so I hope you won't be disappointed.
  6. Ok well it may take some time to figure out everything and how the story's gonna go.
  7. Ok you guys can help out too! Once I figure what it's gonna be about I'll let you know so you can make up characters that could be in my story. IF YOU WANT TO YOU DON'T HAVE TO!!
  8. OK well that's about it. Leave any suggestions about what the story should be about in the comments if you want and I'll see ya guys later :) bye (you can skip the rest)
  9. SMOSH
  10. OK enough of this stuff!! BYE!

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