What Would U Do If Aliens Took Over Earth?

Sorry that most of the questions have nothing to do with aliens taking over the earth I really suck at this kind of stuff I'm just an average anime fangirl.

Oh... I have to write two paragraphs I don't know what to write because as I explained in the previous section I SERIOUSLY SUCK AT THIS STUFF P. S. Anime rocks 😘

Created by: Cianna
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Can you easily swallow your pride?
  2. Are you weak against illness?
  3. Are you smarticles?
  4. Are you hesitant to take action?
  5. This is my first quiz and I ran out of questions, sorry 😰 So do you want to get this over with.
  6. One final irrelevant question Do you like Anime P. S. If you answered sure on the previous question thank you for not being a jerk.
  7. Okay never mind about that being the last irrelevant question because I just read the instructions on making a quiz and it turns out you need a minimum of 12 questions.
  8. What do think the aliens would look like?
  9. What do think all the animals would do if aliens took over the earth?
  10. How do you think the aliens would get here?
  11. Yay this is my last question Who would you want to get eaten by the aliens first P. S. If you answered fancy sports car on the previous question your an idiot.

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