Are You An Alien?

This quiz means your obsession for aliens, in a funny way. It may not be right but it's important just to have fun! To be an alien, there, means to show "simpathy" and to want to meet one day these away civilisations.. or those creations of people's imagination.. depends on you how they are!

If you feel "extra-terrestrian" or special than others, you should try this quiz! Now, you have to find out if you are living on Earth, with us, or with lastest technology in the far away system known only by you and your species..

Created by: Flo

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  1. First, do you believe in them?
  2. Did you ever made alien products? (comics, game cards, pictures..)
  3. How do they look like?
  4. Do you enjoy watching Sci-fi movies with aliens (Independence Day, Star Wars..)
  5. If you were the commander of the greatest space ship of year 2316 and discovered on an exploration mission a planet on a far solar system, but more close to its star, which means higher temperature. What should you do?
  6. Let's figure these 2 twin wild planets. First it's populated by Zipps, the second by Sippz. In next years their relationship doesn't meet any improvement, and finally they were at war. Now, the Zippian ships are flying around a defendless Sippian planet. In how many modes can Zipps destroy the Sippian planet?
  7. If those Sippz have captured some of the Zippian species, what should they do with them?
  8. Did you ever played Universe at War or Armada 2526?
  9. Answer this question: "Yirkoo ??"
  10. Let's figure those zipps again - and they have no mouth.. So, how do they communicate??

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