what type of alien r u

many believe that aliens are real and that there are 4 main catagories here on earth and that we ourselves may truly be aliens. science also leans towrds this fact and states that the true earthly humans are bigfoot and others like him. also it is known that western society has lost its sight into these ancient but very true facts. and many speculate that aliens will be shown to the general public soon after 2012.

in ancient culture all around the world it speaks of these beings and how they will return some good while others evil. it is also proven that we are aliens as well and that purebloods who know they are et beings are here now. find out what of the 4 main aliens groups are you so that when time comes you can choose to join yoour brethern or go the opposite path for as there are good and bad humans there is good and bad alien species but freedom will set you free along with knowledge...

Created by: shadows
  1. what do you prefer the most??
  2. when you envision the future wat do you envision it being the most??
  3. you fell like__ most of the time?
  4. love has place in...
  5. am i part of a bigger world??
  6. who do i love...??
  7. i worship/ my religion is/ my idols are...
  8. my political views
  9. in life i want a career that will...
  10. i spend most of my free time...

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