am i a real alien quiz

There are many people in this world but many few are true aliens, aliens are amasingly real. What is an alien? An alien is a being from another planet with super powers and are verry good with technology.

Are YOU an alien? Do you have the brain power to qualify for that prestigious title? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minites you can find out

Created by: justin wizard
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  1. do you find extraterestrial beings (aliens) intresting?
  2. do you sometimes see some weird writing on your head, like symbols
  3. what do you have in your room walls
  4. when you think of something to happen does it often happen
  5. are you good with technology
  6. do you like human food
  7. do you find humans ugly?
  8. do people somtimes stare at you weirdly
  9. do you sometimes feel that something is trying to contact you from far away
  10. when your DNA or blood is tested does the doctor or parent don't tell you how it is

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