Alien Survival Quiz!

Everyone knows what an alien is, but do you have what it takes to defeat aliens and there mothership? See if you can at this quiz! You've been to the others that don't make since, but the one is the real deal!

Are you able to defeat the aliens? Or will you be defeated by them? Are you witty enough to outsmart an alien? Or are you a mommy's child who will run home? And lastly would I want to be you?

Created by: spencer
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  1. You are in bed and from outside the news story on the TV says:
  2. You get information so you call your mom and dad on the phone but there is no answer, You:
  3. You go get some weapons and your two melee weapons are:
  4. Your long range weapons are:
  5. So you've got your weapons and now you need to get to your destination which is:
  6. You now need a pack, who will you take?
  7. So on the way you see ammo for your gun but you see something rumbling in the bushes behind it, you:
  8. You and your friends are surrounded by aliens and you have 1 shot left with your gun, you:
  9. You escape and then you are at your destination, you:
  10. At last you are at the mother ship, you can go home and live a life with aliens, or destroy, Destroy, DESTROY!!! So you:

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