alien invasion (civillian ver.)

aliens , what aliens do you belive in aliens if so this is for YOU ((O)) three Dfinger

so will you dare to take the quiz and see if you survive are you a mincer , already alien , average joe or auto probe ?

Created by: rob
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  1. a news report on the Tv shows a flying saucer your wife/husband/GF/BF had a cardiac arrest
  2. god mother of god, there is a ... a man stumbling along crying out " I TOLD YOU ALL SO " it also appears he was a news man ... what now
  3. you see a saucer open only to seen aliens come out escorting a queen alien what now
  4. you arrive at your friends house he is transforming inside a cocoon what now
  5. you arrive at you destination only to find its been overrun ,military soldiers and trucks are on fire what now
  6. are you enjoying this quiz
  7. you see a puppy , it has a broken leg what do you do
  8. an alien stops you it says you are worth of becoming one of them what do you say
  9. you have become an alien what now
  10. did ya enjoy thy pointless quiz
  11. this is irrelivant but do you hate twilight... i know i do

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