Are you an alien?

There are many aliens that have been created by we earthlings.Like Jabba the Hut or Star Trek Borgs and Galaxhar. But the Question is: Where do they come from?

Are YOU an alien? Do YOU have a different body than humans? No you don't!Wait,Maybe you do!Wait no thats not right.Only Pineapples and evil Hot Dogs have Alien vision!

Created by: Eli 08

  1. What is the last planet in the Milky Way Galaxy?
  2. In the Milky Way Galaxy,What is "THE STAR"?
  3. What planet in the Milky Way Galaxy had robots sent from scientist on earth?
  4. Which Planet is Colder?
  5. What planet has acid clouds that could break open space rockets?
  6. Are Venus Flytraps Aliens?
  7. Do You think that the Aliens in the movie Aliens are real?
  8. Which planets have a ring?
  9. What do you think Alien Poop is called?
  10. If Aliens Cried tears out of their mouths,what would you think they'd do with their eyeballs?

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Quiz topic: Am I an alien?