would you survive an alien attack?

aliens goal is to kill the entire human race they think of us as bugs just ready to stomp on us vaporize us lazer us and much more they live on other planets

can you survive an alien attack? are you an alien killing machine? get ready to find out so take this quiz now!!!! and by the way have fun kill some aliens!

Created by: seth

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  1. you here on the newz that aliens have invaded what do you do?
  2. you go to a gun shop wut to you take?
  3. your best friend has become an alien wut do you do?
  4. you find a vehicle store what do you take?
  5. you fownd a group of survivors wo do you take?
  6. the alien capital is a mile away how do you attack them?
  7. you nuked ther mane base and theres only one alien left but hes buff and 50 feet tall wat do you do?
  8. you killed the last alien and are going home but your army jumped into an alien trap now your the last human alive wat do you do?
  9. how do you kill an alien?
  10. did you like this quiz?

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