would u survive an alien invasion?

somthing may be in the universe watching us. do you have what it takes to survive the next alien invasion? or will you be doomed to extra terrestrials? find out in this quiz...

this quiz i garuntee will give you the right results. this quiz is short, for all ages 10 and up, and all genders. do YOU have what it takes to survive???

Created by: wolfman1

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. where are you when the invasion starts?
  2. you gather a group together. you need a hiding place. you decide on:
  3. there are 4 rooms and 6 of you. who do you share a room with?
  4. you need some wepons. you pick:
  5. what is your plan for the invasion?
  6. one of your friends is getting dragged off by an alien. you:
  7. the alien leader has captured you. your action is:
  8. u catch a desise that can turn you into an alien. you now:
  9. you tell your crush. she (or he) feels sorry for you. they think they got rid of the venom. but that night you are screaming and turning green. your crush wants to help you. you:
  10. the aliens have surrendered. you:

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