A Flight of Fantasy~~Chapter Two

This is part two of my new role-play story quiz series. I recommend you take the first one before moving on to this one, or it might not makes as much sense.

I'm going to keep it short and mysterious. The plot will be explained later on. More results will also be added later. Thank you for your interest in my quizzes, and I hope you enjoy!

Created by: goodgirlo
  1. Welcome to part two of my new quiz series! Before continuing to the next question, please tell me your result from the last quiz. And yes, I will explain what is going on with the results soon, and the main plot will be revealed. All right, so who did you get in the last quiz?
  2. You're sitting in your living room, watching your sister Autumn as she pulls movies off of a shelf, trying to decide what to watch. Your parents have already left for their concert, so you're stuck here sitting on the couch, watching your nine-year-old sister deciding whether to watch The Incredibles 2 or Dolphin Tale.
  3. "Ooh! Ooh! I have an idea!" Autumn said. "Since our parents aren't here, how about we watch a movie that's rated R." "NO," you say. Autumn frowns but doesn't argue. "What about this?" she asks, holding up School of Rock. "What's it rated?" you ask. "PG-13." "That's fine," you say, and walk into the kitchen to make popcorn.
  4. As you're microwaving the popcorn, you think you see a flash of something dark outside the window, but when you go to look, it's gone. Shrugging, you turn away, but as soon as you have your back to the window a tingle of icy cold creeps up your neck. Spinning around, you look straight into the night, but see nothing.
  5. "______? Are you okay?" Autumn comes into the kitchen and spoons herself an overlarge helping of chocolate ice cream. "Yeah. I'm fine," you mutter, but still, when you walk out of the kitchen, you keep one eye on the window and don't look away until you're out of sight from anyone who might be peering in.
  6. Autumn starts the movie, and you two eat popcorn and ice cream for about an hour until you suggest that she should pause the movie and put her pajamas on. Autumn grumbles but walks to her bedroom anyway, and you start to get thirsty. Walking into the kitchen, you open the fridge and select:
  7. You start to walk to your bedroom, but you get that chilling flood over the back of your neck again and turn around to see a hooded figure standing outside the window. You start to scream, but the figure disappears before you can do anything else.
  8. "What's going on?" Autumn calls from her bedroom. "Nothing!" you call back. You feel better now that the figure is gone and you don't want to scare her. Instead, you walk up the stairs to your bedroom on the two-room second floor. After putting your pajamas on, you start to hear a strange crackling sound. You look around, but you don't see anything unusual in your bedroom. Instead, you walk out into the hallway, heading to your parents' bedroom, which appears to be the source of the noise.
  9. You walk into your parents' bedroom and a harsh smell reaches your nose. Coughing, you briefly close your eyes and when you open them again, you receive a shock so great that you almost double over. The wooden fireplace across from your parents' bedroom--which you and Autumn used to adore to sit in front of when you were younger--is on fire.
  10. Cliffhanger! Thanks for taking my quiz. If you enjoyed it, please take my other quizzes. If you didn't, go take some other person's quiz. I won't be offended. I will try to make part 3 soon. I know this quiz was short, but I like to keep it that way.

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