Littlepaws role play Love story.(Girls only)

This is my first love story so I hope you like it. After this I will make about one more quiz so I hope you enjoy this quiz. You need to take Which warrior cat are you roleplay. (Girls only) 1,2,3,and 4 and also Littlepaws role play story of you want to understand the whole thing.

So who are you going to call for? The strong Lightningclaw, the smart Thunderpelt, the kind Stormfeather, the handsome Firestorm, or no tom what so ever.

Created by: Hopestar

  1. Have you taken Which warrior cat are you roleplay. (Girls only) 1,2,3,and 4 and also Littlepaws role play story. If not please do. And now my long promise will be fulfilled because part of this quiz will be a LOVE story.
  2. Now we start a week after you have been banished. Shadowed said that you might have a chance if you can join the rogues, but they wouldn't let you join because of your condition. You were on the borders of the twoleg place when you here some one crying. It came from over the fence. What did you do?
  3. When you came over you saw two kits about two moons old crying. You asked them what's wrong. Both of them looked worried and they silently followed you to a round black thing with a hold in the top. As you looked down you saw a queen and it looked as if she had green cough. Then you remembered that you took some dried up herbs just in case you or someone you met got sick. You took some catmint and helped her get better. When she got better she ran to her kits and thanked you. Her name was Sandy and her kits were Dusty and Rocky. They offered you some food. What do you do.
  4. You end up staying there for the rest of tree-bare and while you are there you train so that when tree-bare is over you can go back to the forest and survive despite of your condition. When it was time for you to leave Sandy and her kits convinced you to stay one more day. That night you were sleeping on the border, like usual, and then you sniffed the air. The twoleg's place was on fire! You ran over there and saw Sandy's kits running out and crying. You come over and asked what happened. Dusty told you that a fire started and the two legs and Sandy got caught in it. Rocky asked you if he and his brother could join you. The are the age to become apprentices. What do you do?
  5. As you guys enter the forest while the sun is setting. As it gets dark you walk in the Day and Dusk clan not and saw a couple of cats on of them said "We can't keep doing this or else both of us will be kicked out." "I know you know that if either of us brings them to camp we both will be kicked out." said a she-cat . "Mommy, Daddy, are you leaving us?" Asked one of the kits. "No Bloomkit, we aren't leaving you or Flowerkit unless we have to." said the tom. Then the she-cat smelled the air and said "Who's there?" Then you and the toms came out. "Only us, and don't worry we won't bite, we are just passing through." You said. "How much did you hear?" "Enough to know what is going on." "are you friendly to the clans?" " Yes" "Well in that case these kits are four moons old and no more need milk. Do you think you could watch them for a couple of moons until the Dusk and Dayclans forget about mine and my mates disappearances?" Asked the tom. How do you respond?
  6. After traveling for seven days you found a place with no other cats. There you and the others decided to stay there and despite what ever you do you aren't able to hunt anything, but despite that you were able to teach the toms and later on the sisters. One night you couldn't sleep so you went out of the den you give made and went for a walk out side.You found a small creek with fish in it. You looked into it and then looked back up to see some pretty blue flowers that you have never seen before. Next to them was Twigear and he told you to gather the seeds and bring them to the den and plant them. While you gathered the seed a rouge came and said "Hello pretty." and then he pounced on you. What did you do?
  7. After that he says "You would be the purrfect mother for my kits." But before he could do anything Dusty and Rocky came and saved you. What do you think?
  8. About two moons have last since the rouge attack. The seeds you grew into herbs and because of their sweet smell you named them Sweetleaves. That night when The others came back from hunting Dusty and Flower got sick. You tried everything you knew to help them, but ran out of ideas. Then a thought struck you. The herbs, this is why Twigear came to you! You used the herbs and everyone got better. You decided to go look for moss for the den's while everyone caught up. When you came back you saw Dusty and Flower's tails twined and so were their siblings. You look at them sadly because you realized that they were only three to four moons away to being old enough to become warriors and knew they wanted to join a clan soon. You decided to go out again to leave them alone. While you were walking you smelled some clan toms and a fox. You ran over and saw 2 of them severely injured and one of them dangerously ill. You ran in to help the other 2 toms fight and together you ran off the fox.
  9. After the fox fled a grey tom with blue eyes said thank you and asked if you are all right while a Yellow tom with green eyes mumbled he could have handled it. You nodded and told them to bring those who were hurt and sick and follow you. As you went into the den you told the couples to stop the love fest and help with the injured while you got the Sweetleaves for the one that was sick. The next morning all three of them felt better and thanked you guys and introduced eachother. The grey tom was Stormfeather, the yellow one was Lightningclaw, the one that was sick was Thunderpelt who was darkbrown, and one of those who were injured was Firestorm who had a redpelt.
  10. The last tom was Birchwater who is the Medicine cat for Night clan while the other tom's are from Dawnclan. When you heard this your heart pounded. "I'm kinda the one in charge because I am the smartest." said Thunderpelt "Lightningclaw is the best hunter and fighter, Stormfeather helps Birchwater because he is blind and..." He continued until Firestorm cut in saying "I'm the good looking one of the group." "Firestorm helps wherever needed, we all are on a quest to find Hope before the clans are dead." Continued Thunderpelt. Who's traits do you like most?
  11. Then Dusty said "Well you found her. The cat that saved you all is Hope!" You nodded, remembering the loner name they gave you. Then Rocky asked "What do you mean find her before the clans are dead?" Then the toms told you about the prophesy. "Well, since you are Hope you should know what this means." said Thunderpelt. "Well it may be the sickness you got. I have never seen it before until only a couple of days ago in which these love birds got sick and I was able to find the cure because of a silver cat with stars in his pelt told me to plant the seeds moons before." You decided not to say star clan because you don't want them to ask to many questions. "Starclan" you heard one of them whisper. Then they all huddled together then when they came out Firestorm said with purr towards all of the she-cats "Can you and the others come with us to help give the cure to the other tribes. Since we don't exactly know how to apply it." Dusty, Rocky, and Stormfeather narrowed their eyes at him. "Just to help, these four have proved they can't handle herbs except for Stormfeather, but he will have to help me back were I will be busy in my own clan. I won't be able to help everyone." said…
  12. The others agreed and you told the Tom's that you know a shortcut to the clans. After a night of traveling Lightningclaw and Thunderpelt invited you to go hunting with them. As you hunted you smelled a rabbit. You pawed Lightningclaw and motioned him towards the smell. At first he was annoyed, but then later saw what you were doing and he caught the rabbit. "Thanks Hope, but I could have found it myself." He said. "You were going the wrong direction, silly." you said. "Well that's because it's sent was covered and you apparently have a good sense of smell." "Thankyou." After that you lead him to a couple of other stuff then Stormpelt came over, "Great job you two. Now with what you got and what I caught we should have enough for tonight." And he gave a polite nor to you. As you came back you saw Bloom and Rocky sharing a rabbit and Dusty and Flower sharing a bird. You saw a mouse or the rabbit you caught. Who do you share with?
  13. After six more days you guys found the border of Dusk and Day clan. "We made it."said Stormfeather relived. "And now it is time for me and Flower to say goodbye, Hope we are leaving to go join Dayclan." Said Dusty. " Same for Me and Rocky, except we will be joining Duskclan." said Bloom. "But you guys may never see each other again, or may have to fight against it." You said remembering what happened to yourself. "We will be okay, but now about you?" asked Flower. "I will always be able to find some help. With forbidden love and Kittypets around I should always have someone to help me." and after that they have you a last good bye and went off into their new homes. As you headed towards the other borders Lightningclaw said "I can't wait to see Rosepaw!" "Stay away from her." said Thunderpelt "Or what!" "You guy's calm down." Stormfeather said calmly although you could see a bit of jealousy and anger on his face. "Oh that's easy for you to say, we know you like her too, but you three could never steal her heart like I can because she is my one and only." said Firestorm, "and besides it won't matter you will still have Streampaw and Lightpaw. Sorry that Lilypaw is a Medicine cat…
  14. As you go towards camp a badger attacked you all fought him and you got injured. The rest of the toms rushed you to the medicine den. There you saw a Calico like yourself rushing from one patient to the other in which all of them were sick. "Lilypaw we brought the cure!" said Thunderpelt. After you showed Lilypaw how to use the Sweetleaves she brought you to a table and called out for Leafpaw. As soon as Leafpaw came in and told him to help you as she took care of everyone else. As the tom's watched all the traveling you did came back up to you and then you tell asleep. Who do you dream about?
  15. You woke up and saw Lilypaw rushing around. "I'm glad you are awake. I was wondering when you were going to be awake. Please follow me." she said. You two walked up to where the clans had meetings and you looked up and saw a cat up there, Hopestar you remember, and you see familiar faces all around you look for one you remember and see Flowerpelts. You forget everything and run up to her saying "Am I dreaming? Is that really you Mom?" "Littlekit?" Roosevelt quetioned. "Yes!" you shouted with joy and then looked over at Lilypaw slapping yourself remembering your own sister and then ran over and smiled at her too. Then she said "I have to be dreaming, why didn't you tell the toms, Why didn't you go back home, and why..." "First off I think I am dreaming too. Second I was about to, but then something happened, and third I am well," You said as you turned over your paw and she was what was wrong, "and I thought that no one would take me in, even you guys because of Mistpool saying it wasn't time and..." Then she interrupted " Well now it is, well I mean I had a message from her in Starclan that you can return here if you wanted to. I had no idea what it was about until now." Then…

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