Which warrior cat are you roleplay. (Girls only) 4

Okay I have decided what to call the plan's Hopestar's clan is Dawnclan, Shadowstar's clan is Nightclan, Sunstar's clan is Duskclan, and Rainstar's clan is Dayclan.

Also Attention Please! My next quiz is going to be a LOVE STORY! I haven't done one yet because when I hear about high school drama about crushes I role my eyes, but in the next quiz everyone is going to be a warrior so I will allow it.

Created by: Hopestar
  1. Did you do Which warrior cat are you roleplay. (Girls only) 1,2, and 3. If not please do so. Also this is optional. Did you take Littlepaws rolepay story? It is okay if you didn't. Warning this quiz is a little different than the others.
  2. So first off who did you get last time?
  3. You some up in the apprentices den you look up and see that it is only two more moons until you become a warrior(or for you Medicine cats)! What do you think?
  4. You walk out of the den and go to the fresh kill pile. After that you sit by all the she-cat apprentices then Sunstorm's toms walked up. "Umm Lilypaw, can we four see you for a moment." What would you think?
  5. When they saw your reaction they all looked worried. "Wait it's not like that. We don't love her." said Thunderpaw assuring. "Ya we won't ever break the code." said Lightningpaw. " We want to talk to Lilypaw because we don't like Mistpool much." said Firestar with a pur directed towards all the others. "And because she is our friend." Said Stormpaw. " Why don't we all tell them, that way they don't get the wrong idea." Said Thunderpaw. Everyone nodded in agreement. (Now if you are a medicine cat this is just as friends so it's okay) Which Tom do you like most?
  6. "Well you see we all had the same dream last night and Twigear, the last medicine cat, told us "A danger is coming and it can't be seen. Only one who knows what this will mean. Four and one of a raging Thunder and Lightning and Fire storm. Birch of Night will come forlorn. Into the forest on their little paws ahead, to find the hope before the clans are dead." After that we all woke up. What do you think we should do? Thunderpaw asked everyone.
  7. After you and your friends stated your options Thunder paw said "Thanks Rosepaw for the encouragement" he said with a smile that made his brothers frown, "but Lilypaw, Streampaw, and" then he purred " Lightpaw are right, we need to tell a leader, warrior, or a Medicine cat." After a while you guy's decided to go tell Hopestar, but before you made it to her a group of routes attacked. What did you do?
  8. The rest of the clan comes and all the routes are God except for one. He is attacking Flowerplet! Then a couple of warriors get him off and ask him what's going on. "I want her as my own. She said no and after a moon of searching the forest I find her in a clan!" He said "My name is Flowerpelt and I haven't seen you before in my life." Flowerpelt told him. "Flowerpelt?" He asked in fury, " Then why do you look like Hope so much?" "The only Hope I know is my leader, and she looks nothing like me." She growled. Then the rouge threw off the warriors holding him down and ran off. What did you think?
  9. After the attack the tom's told Hopestar, Mistpool, and their mentors. Then Hopestar called a meeting. Then she said "Four of our apprentices have been called on a quest, but since the fought with much strength and courage and because I find it shameful to send apprentices on a quest by themselves I find it night time to become warriors. How do you feel about this?
  10. After the long speeches their names were now Lightningclaw, Thunderpelt, Stormfeather, and Firestorm. After the cheering Hope Star announced who would be going to the gathering tonight. You, your friends, and the toms all went. There the Nightclan Medicine cat was also apart of the prophesy. Then the next morning they left. What did you say to them as goodbye?
  11. A moon passed and a sickness spread throughout the clans. Mistpool was one of the first ones in the camp and a few days later she died. On the same night was the warrior ceremonies for the rest of the apprentices. What do you want your suffix to be?

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Quiz topic: Which warrior cat am I roleplay. (Girls only) 4