Littlepaws role play story.

This is a sequel to the Which warrior cat are you roleplay. (Girls only.), But I will try to make this for both Boys and girls. Have fun...............

So here you will be Littlekit and find out if you were not a clan cat would you be a loner, kittypet, or a rouge. I hope you like it and look for my next quiz.

Created by: Hopestar

  1. Did you take the Which warrior cat are you roleplay. (Girls only) Parts 1, 2,and 3
  2. So let's start at the beginning of your journey. As Hopestar lead you to the border you felt your fur bristling. The you saw your Mother crying and kicking you to help comfort both of you about what was going to happen. As you crossed and went into Bramblestar's camp you felt all their eyes staring at you. Then Hopestar said "Starclan has told us to help you," then she paused, " This is Littlekit, she may be small for her age, but she has great heart. " She nodded towards your Mother and said "Flowerpelt and Waveclaw are her parents and out some of our finest warriors. She has great promise to be so to you too." Then Bramblestar went down and said " Thankyou, Hopestar. I know how hard this must be for your clan. " Then after one final lick from your mother, they both went back to camp. How do you feel?
  3. After a day or two you start getting used to your new clan. Everyone was kind of cold towards you except for Bramblestar and his mate Leafwing. The only one who had it out for you was the deputy Wolf Fang. One day you were exploring outside of the nursery and you found a tunnel. What do you do?
  4. If you explored it you realized that there are more of them going outside of camp. You also realized that you are the only one who knows about these. Before you do anything about it though you hear Leafwing looking for you so you go back to the nursery without telling anyone.
  5. When you go to Leafwing she looks relieved. She also goes up and asked you if you have seen Bramblestar. You shake your head. Then Wolffang came running up and told we that Bramblestar needed her in the Leader's become den. You decided to wait and then she followed them over them. When you get there you saw Wolffang blocking the entrance and you heard him talking saying, "I always hated Bramblestar being leader. When he was a kit he was going to be a Medicine cat apprentice until his brother was found disabled. I'll give you a choice Leafwing either become my mate or you will join him." When you heard this you ran up to the closest warrior. "Wolffang has done something to Bramblestar!" You yell. "Come with me kit". He ordered. Then you were lead to the leader's den. What were you thinking?
  6. When you both got there it was to late. Learning was gone and Wolffang was looking at you sternly. "Sir, this kit was spying on our plan." How did you react?
  7. "Put guards in her and make sure she doesn't escape. You e can't let the other clans know what happened." As you were forced back to the nursery you thought about what had happened and tried to figure out what one of your friends would do.
  8. You walk around and then trip on something. It was a stone and some moss blocking at tunel! You then realized that there was a gathering tonight. You decided to...
  9. After the warriors left to go to the gathering you went in through the tunnel and was able to make it to the gathering. There you saw Hopestar and Mistpool, Mistpool was heading towards the Medicine cats, but before she got their you found a way to grab her attention. "Littlepaw, why are you hiding." She asked you. " Then you explained everything about what had happened since you left. " Well I am afraid that you need to stay over there, but I will let everyone know what had happened, Thank you Littlekit I wish we could take you back, but I know your job is not done. " How did you respond.
  10. A week passed and from what you hear it that Wolffang declared war on the other clans once they found out what happened with Bramblestar, (if you didn't go the Medicine cat accidentally let it slip) , and everyone was getting ready for battle, even the elders were going to fight! Then Wolffang came in and have you some prey and told you that if you eat it you will become an apprentice if not you will be punished. What do you do?
  11. If you attacked him you already got in trouble and If you eat it off the bat well this is going to explain it. If you inspected your food you found a tiny bit of powder that smelled like a poppy seed and a scent of deathberry juice on it, but it wasn't enough to kill you. You try to get rid of it and saw the guard. You asked him if he wanted it. He took it and gobbled it all up and started acting goofy and fight then Wolfgang came up and saw what you had done and said to the warrior, "You can only listen to my voice." Then the warrior froze like he was being kind controlled. And then Wolfgang looked at you and said " He was about to get it again anyway and then have you the deathstare. What did you do?
  12. Even if you attacked him or not, or if you are it be brought you and the guard out of the nursery and went in front of the clan and brought them all to Sunstar's territory. "Attack!" He yelled and then all the clan started to attack Sunstar's territory . You then realized that they were all poisoned by Wolffang, what were you doing at this time.
  13. Wolfgang won the battle, but while the battle was ending you got caught by one of Sunstar's warriors and was brought out to Rainstar's territory and then you were fed some poppy seeds and you were knocked out. When you woke up (if you were poisoned it wore off.) Then Sunstar came in and told you that you were going to be a prisoner until Wolffang have up and gave them back their territory. Then after she explained what was going on she asked what was wrong with the warriors. How did you react?
  14. Is you tried to attack you realized that you were still to weak. Then you looked around and saw a small hole that only a kit could go through. "That looks like a tunnel back at camp." You said Sunstar looked at you confused , then you explained the tunnels you found at Wolffangs camp. After wards she nodded and left. You were brought to the nursery since you told them you were still a kit. What did you do.
  15. After a couple of days you heard of an attack against Wolffang. It was going to happen that night. When night came Sunstar came with some warriors and she tells you to come with her. What do you do?
  16. You came with Sunstar no matter what and then you realize that you are going back to camp. There you see remnants of battle and medicine cats helping all the warriors that were injured, even Wolffangs! You find out that using the tunnels you told Sunstar about the defeated Wolffang. How did you react.
  17. Then Hope Star was you and ran up to you saying "I'm glad that you are okay after not being able to find you." Sunstar explained what had happened. Afterwards you ask what is going to happen to you now. Mistpool then came up and said "Starclan said that you can not come back home quite yet." How did you react.
  18. Now we are at the spot we ended in my last quiz. You and Darksoul came to Shadowstar. "Shadowstar, Littlepaw is disabled. She has no claws!" " Well this is a problem. " said Shadowstar said. "I would make you a Medicine cat but Breezefur just had kits and one of them is blind and we can't have a useless warrior in the beginning of leaf-bare. I am afraid for the good of my clan I am sorry, but I am forced to banish you." After that happened you new that no clan would let you in so what do you become?

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