What clan do you live in? (Warriors)

You love warriors, and have a choice from being a rouge, kittypet, or a clan cat. You can't decide! You're lucky you found this quiz! Let's get started!

So, there are six choices and you have to answer each one HONESTLY! Or else the answer might not be true. Also have fun and I hope you the results you want!

Created by: Hi

  1. Would you rather
  2. Would you eat
  3. Hi! (Will affect score)
  4. You find a lost kitten hurt and hungry. You...
  5. Would you rather...
  6. Your best friend has been murdered! You
  7. What's your fav clan?
  8. What atre ur fav super additions?
  9. What leader would you have?
  10. Medicine cats?
  11. Did u like da quiz? (Will affect answer)

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Quiz topic: What clan do I live in? (Warriors)