Which warrior cat are you roleplay. (Girls only)

Hi everyone this is my first role play so don't judge and if you want more give me a big smile 😃. Now warning I forgot to add some info in the results but please don't be mad. I will fix it in the next quiz.

We are going to find out which of my warrior cats oc you are. Are you Romantic Rose kit, Light kit the leader, shy and kind Little kit, or fun loving Stream kit. I will more than likely have a sequel for this quiz so watch out.

Created by: Hopestar
  1. Your mother nudges you awake. "____kit It's time for you to wake up and go play with everyone." What do you do?
  2. No matter what you do you play with all the kits in the but (If you stayed with your Mom your sister came up and joined you in) which are just Sunstreams, Flowerpelts, and Moonlights kits. Are you kits playing?
  3. After you are all done playing all your mother's bring you into the elders den to here a story. Which story do you want to hear?
  4. After wards you and three other she kits to out and talk about it. Then quietly one asks "Where is Lily kit? She was with us just a second ago." " I don't know. Maybe we should go look for her. " said another kit. "Sounds fun. Let's go!" Exclaimed the third already bouncing off. " Maybe we can find so strong toms to help us or at least one of Sunstream's. " said the fourth. The realizing she was about to be left behind. Which kit are you?
  5. "Come on everyone I found her sent." Said the kit leading everyone else. "I hope she is alright. Mom would kill me if something happened to her." Said the smallest kit in the group. "We should have brought Lightning kit. I bet he could fight of a fox. Or his brother Thunder kit he once survived a dog, or she could have brought..." " Ourselves the bravest kits in all the clan which while we work together we can find any kit and fight even the biggest and baddest of monsters. " Inturupted the fourth kit on what the third kit was saying. How did you respond?
  6. Then you guys went into a clearing and saw a fox sneaking up on a list Lily kit what did you do.
  7. Depending on what you did depends on what happened to you. If you moved Lilykit out of the way you almost died but you survived. If you attacked the fox you end up only getting a good amount of cuts, but it you hesitated you also broke your leg. If you went to get help you were the only kit of your group unscathed. How do you react to all of this?
  8. After you all get better Lilykit comes up to everyone and says "I have something to tell all of you. When we all were heading back to the nursery I wondered of and I couldn't find my way back. The only reason why is because I'm disabled. I can't smell so that's why couldn't find the way back of tell that the fox was there and I have trouble hearing". "Why didn't you tell us? " the smallest kit asked. "Because you wanted to be a medicine cat and because everyone knows you won't be that good at hunting and fighting. You nearly died because you got me out of the way and took the price of my mistakes, thats..." " That is why you need to be a medicine cat. So you won't get into those situations. It's okay not everyone gets what they want, but it all works out in the end. " How did you react to this?
  9. The next day Hopestar came into the nursery and said everyone is going to become apprentices tomorrow! How do react?
  10. The next day you wake up and you and your friends get ready. Then when Hopestar was about to start the ceremonies Bramblestar came running up with his medicine cat and then Cliffhanger!

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Quiz topic: Which warrior cat am I roleplay. (Girls only)