Warrior cats role play #3: The quest continues

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Hi guys! I made yet another warriors role play! I hope people are actually taking these! (Lol!🐱🐱🐱) I really hope you like these and look foward to taking these!

Warrning: please be sure to take warrior cats role play #1 and 2 or you will not understand ANYTHING about this quiz. Thank you and I hope you enjoy all the quizzes I make because I put a lot of effort in these. Have fun!🐱

Created by: Warrior cats fan
  1. The next day you wake up and remember Beechtail's death immediately and remember your dream about her.
  2. You get up and decide to hunt, only to trip over Hollyflight and wake him up. He offers to hunt with you.
  3. As you're hunting, you notice Hollyflight watching you with an odd expression. When you ask him about it, he avoids the question and reluctantly asks you if you ever thought about getting a mate.
  4. You hunt until the sun rises and you come back with a shrew, a mouse, and a thrush apiece.
  5. After you all finish eating, you decide to follow the sun some more. As you're walking you reflect on how quiet it is. Flowerwing isn't bragging about how many fighting moves she knows, and Hollyflight isn't making jokes about how many fighting moves Flowerwing DOESN'T know.
  6. Finally you stop to hunt when the sun is at the highest point. Hollyflight offers to hunt with you again, saying that you make a great team.
  7. Follow Hollyflight into a forest, but before you get a chance to taste the air, Hollyflight says he needs to talk to you.
  8. He takes a few breaths, clears his throat, and then leans closer. "Rainstripe, I um, I think...
  9. "I think you're a great cat. Maybe we could be mate's one day?" His eyes shine with hope as he gazes at you with deep amber eyes, waiting for you to speak
  10. Before he can respond, you hear a screech coming from the direction of the moor. "That's Flowerwing!" You scream as you hare towards the sound.
  11. When you get there, you see an angry looking fox swiping at Flowerwing. You see Hollyflight rush to help an you hurry after.
  12. Finally you drive the Fox against a pile of rocks and manage to pin it to the ground. You keep it there until it lets out a wail of agony and you step back to let it flee into the forest.
  13. As you turn back to Flowerwing, you feel a sharp pain in your back and the hot reek of fox floods over you.
  14. After a while, you realize that this fox is not giving up. You'll have to kill it.
  15. You crouch, ready to spring, and when the fox turns to Hollyflight you launch yourself upwards and sink your teeth into it's neck.
  16. You decide that it would be best to find shelter and go to sleep. "I'm sorry." Flowerwing struggled to her paws. "I was hunting a rabbit and accidentally followed it into a fox hole."
  17. You take the rabbit and shelter in a small clearing while you eat in silence. After tossing and turning you finally fall asleep.

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