Warrior cats role play #1: The warrior (she-cats only)

Hello again! This is warrior cats fan! This is my first RP. quiz and I hope you like it! I've been working really hard on it and I hope to make more, so look out!

No matter how you answer these questions, the results are all the same. I hope you have checked out all of my other quizzes and if not, to right on ahead!

Created by: Warrior cats fan
  1. Today is your warrior ceremony!
  2. Your leader steps forward and says: "I, Petalstar of Sunclan, call upon my ancestors to watch over this apprentice and help her learn your warrior code...
  3. Rainpaw, do you promise to defend your clan to the end of your life?
  4. Then, you will no longer be known as Rainpaw. From now on you will be known as: Rainstripe! "
  5. The clan happily cheers your name and you:
  6. The clan has a feast and you get first pick of the prey pile. You choose:
  7. As you're feasting on your chosen prey, you hear your former mentor, Beechtail calling your name. You:
  8. She walks over and congratulating you, she offers to help make you a nest in the warrior den. You:
  9. After finishing your nest, you fall asleep immediately. You dream of a pretty gray she-cat that seems to be running right towards you. You:
  10. As she gets closer, you notice that she seems to be full of stars. "I am featherdrift," She explains softly. " I have a message for you from Starclan. You must go on a journey. Follow the rising Sun to glory! "
  11. "Do not worry, young one. All will be revealed." With those last words she starts to fade, and you feel a paw prodding you in the side.
  12. You open your eyes and see Oakdrizzle, a young tom, standing over you. "Rainstripe, Petalstar just announced the cats that are going to the gathering. Come on or we'll be late!"
  13. Before you go to the gathering you know you need to do something first. You head towards Stemsnap, the Sunclan medicine cat.
  14. You quickly explain your dream to her and she promises to tweet to Petalstar about it before the gathering.
  15. Finally you arrive at the gathering and see Petalstar talking to the other leaders
  16. Finally Petalstar leaps onto the great stump and says: "Attention everyone, one of my warriors had a dream from Starclan, telling us to follow the sun to glory!...
  17. ... "All three leaders discussed who we are going to send on this journey. We have decided to send: Flowerwing from Breezeclan, Hollyflight from Moonclan, and Beechtail from Sunclan. Of course, Rainstripe will be going too because she is the one that had the vision.

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