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Hi, this is for girls only so if your a boy check out my other quiz: warrior cat roleplay for toms by dragonheart. Spelled like and don’t change the letters at all.

So if your a girl this is for you. It is a warrior cat story. You are a beautiful black with emerald green eyes. This is going to be multiple quizzes long. You start as a new born and you keep getting older. I also used cats or names from the book, but they aren’t the same cats. I hope you like it.

Created by: Dragonheart12
  1. You are waking up. You see a beautiful black she-cat with bronze eyes. “I am Gemleaf, your mother,” she says. To the right of you you see a gray tom with pale green eyes. “This is your father Ravenclaw.” “What Should we name her?” Your mother asks. “How about Emerald-kit, like her eyes?” Your father meows. “Yes, welcome to the world Emerald-kit!” Your said brightly.
  2. Just then, you see a white kit and a brown taby.
  3. What ever you chose you ended you talking to them. “Hello, I am Winterkit and this is Tigerkit, my sister. What’s your name?” meowed the white one. “Hi, I am Emeraldkit.” You answered. “What do you guys do for fun?” The two kits grinned mysteriously. “Follow us,” Tigerkit said.
  4. You follow them out of the den and meet three other kits. “The gray taby is your brother, Graykit. The flame colored kit is Sunkit, and the tortoiseshell cat is Rosekit.” Winterkit said. “Hi, I am Emeraldkit.” You say. “So now that we know who everyone is, can we play mossball?” Sunkit asked. “Sure,” Tigerkit said. Graykit passed the ball to Rosekit, she passed the ball to Sunkit. Sunkit passed the ball to Winterkit and he passed it to Tigerkit. Tigerkit passed it to you.
  5. Suddenly, you hear a long terrifying meow! “Get in the den!” Your mother screams. All the kit get scared and obey, but you get lost in a jumble of cats fighting here and there.
  6. Then you turn around and see a big, strange, brown, tom with a cruel look on his face. He is about to attack you, but before he does a apprentice from your clan blocks him. They start fighting. Your mom finds you and brings you back to the den. All the other kits start asking you all sorts of things at once.
  7. You end up following asleep. When you wake the fight is over. You ask your mother what the fight was about. She said that riverclan attacked cause they wanted to hunt in our territory, but we won and they went back to their territory. You decided to go thank the cat who saved you, so you go look for him. You ask Tigerkit to come with you cause you don’t know where things are, so she shows you around while you two look for him. When you got to the medicine cat den you see Spottedleaf finish caring the cat that saved you. You realize he looks a lot like Winterkit. “Are you ok,” you ask. “Yes, it is only a few scratches,” he said. “I am Cloudpaw, you are one of the new kits, right?”
  8. So it has been sometime later and you and your friends are playing out the latest fight. You chose to be...
  9. Then, your leader calls a clan meeting. For some reason, your mother pushes you to come to the meeting. The other kits are going so you decide to go. Then you remember, you are becoming an apprentice!!!
  10. Don’t worry! The next quiz is called Warrior cat roleplay for she cats only-part 2 by dragonheart

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