Warrior Cats Love Story(She cats only.) #1

Hi guys! this is a quiz that I wrote, where you find your true match. There are three toms. their names in this quiz are sunkit(paw), Icekit(paw), and Applekit(paw). they are a little eager to be your friend. maybe a little too eager?...

Obviously you must be taking this quiz if you are still reading up to this point. Leave a comment if you like it, or if theres anything you would change about it. Thanks!

Created by: Silver breeze

  1. You are a kit named silver kit. you decide you want to play, but don´t know who to ask to play. You ask:
  2. No matter who you ended up choosing to play with, the rest of the kits join in, and they end up piling on top of you.
  3. Four moons later, you end up getting apprenticed. Your mentor, Cherrybloom, takes you out to go hunting with Sunpaw. most of the time, your thoughts are on:
  4. When you get back to camp, you sit down to eat a yummy vole. just as you begin to dig into your food, a battle cry rings out! You:
  5. Your settle your fight on a bulky black furred rogue. you leap up and scratch it´s back. The rogue flips you over and suddenly you are pinned. You:
  6. All the apprentices swarm the rogue and he lets go. the rogue leader calls a sound of retreat. the enemy leaves, but you are badly wounded on the neck, which is very fatal.
  7. Cherryblossom gasps as she see´s the bite on your neck. she instantly rushes you to the medicine den, where the medicine cat gasps when she see´s your neck wound.
  8. You fall into a deep sleep. the medicine cat is worried. Will you live?
  9. Cliffhanger! mwahahahaha!!!!!
  10. What next?

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