Warrior cats: true love part 1

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There are many handsome and cute toms. There are millions! Do you have what it takes to get some of these toms running head over heals for you? Take this quiz today to find out!

This is my third quiz; but i hope you like it! Take this quiz today to figure out which of these four toms you love! Start by reading this! (lol you already are).

Created by: Sorrelfrost
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  1. You sat next to your best friend; Hailkit, as you stared up at Bramblestar excitedly. "Sorrelkit, from this moment on, until you recieve your warrior name, you shall be known as Sorrelpaw; your mentor shall be Silentblaze. Hailkit, from this moment on you shall be known as Hailpaw; Feathermist shall be your mentor." he announced. You stared at Hailpaw in surprise as he touched noses with the medicine cat. "Hailpaw? You becoming a medicine cat?" he nodded. "It's where I belong, I'm sorry Sorrelpaw. Have fun with your training." So far..
  2. "Come on Sorrelpaw, let's go see the territories." Silentblaze tells you as you turn away, stunned; from Hailpaw. After showing you the Windclan border, your mentor brings you to the Shadowclan side. A dark gray pelt with amber eyes glares at you from the shadows. "What are you doing on the border?" a tom snarls. Silentblaze snorts. "We haven't crossed anything Stormpaw, calm down." "Yet," he mutters as he turns away. "Ignore him Sorrelpaw," your mentor directs you. "Sorrelpaw? That's a cool name..." you hear the young tom whisper as you walk away.
  3. AS you return to camp; Silentblaze slips away toward the Windclan border. To tired to follow her, you go to find yourself a nest in the apprentice den. Padding inside you see Slashpaw and Flamepaw, Hailpaw's older sisters; who were almost warriors. "Have fun?" Slashpaw asks. Her sister glanced up; "She must have, she looks like she could sleep for a moon." You duck your head in embarrassment; and go to chose a nest next to;
  4. The next day Silentblaze takes you with Hailpaw to fetch some herbs that you need from Shadowclan. Hailpaw's pelt keeps accidentally brushing yours, and you pull away. When you get there a ginger tom is sitting in the clearing next to Stormpaw; his amber eyes glaring coldly at you. "Go away, prey-stealers!" he hissed. A young she-cat with tortoiseshell fur came up behind him. "Lizard-brain! They haven't stolen anything! Stormpaw, make sure my clueless brother Marshpaw doesn't say anything else offensive." she told the dark gray tom; he just nodded and continued to stare at you.
  5. You nodded to Stormpaw and then followed Hailpaw and Silentblaze into the medicine den. The tortoiseshell she-cat joined you; friendliness shining in her eyes. "Hi, I'm Petalpaw, what's your name?" she asked. Silentblaze hissed at you to be quiet. "Sorrelpaw," you mumbled under your breath. TIME SKIP TO THUNDERCLAN CAMP. You watched from the apprentice den as your mentor; Silentblaze, slipped quietly away into the night, towards the Windclan border. /where has she been going?/ you wonder as she disappears. You fall asleep and dream of-
  6. In the morning you go on hunting patrol, and catch three mice and a thrush. When you get back, Hailpaw's eyes widen in astonishment. He trotted over to you. "Four catches? That's a lot!" he exclaimed. You purr and follow him to a meadow with flowers and trees. You sit and chat with Hailpaw for a while; and he licks your ear. You-
  7. A few moons later you get your warrior name; Sorrelfrost. Slashfur and Flamewhisker cheer your name the loudest; and Hailpaw joins his sisters by leading the chant. "Sorrelfrost! Sorrelfrost!" That night at the Gathering you see Marshpaw and Stormpaw; and learn that they have gotten their warrior names; Stormflash and Marshnose. When the Shadowclan leader announces their names; you cheer along with the crowd of cats. By the time the Gathering was over everyone was happy and cheerful. You brushed past a pure black warrior that smelled of Riverclan as you joined you clan. "Sorry!" You exclaimed. He purred. "That's fine, I"m chill with it." you recognized him as Reedwhisker; the Riverclan deputy. That night you sit quietly during your warrior vigil; thinking of-
  8. Half a moon later; full of patrols and hunting; Hailpaw gets his medicine cat name. Hailblaze! Silentblaze was still sneaking out of camp toward the Windclan border. And all you could think about was-
  9. Hey so, that's the end! Did you like it? Will you PLEASE comment/like? Would you like a second quiz?
  10. Which tom did you like the most? Who do you think you'll get?
  11. I'll make a second quiz, but it may take a while. Would you honestly take it?

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