Warrior cats roleplay quiz! *She cats only*. ~ Part one ~

This quiz is simply a Warrior cats roleplay quiz and it will tell you who you are, or, if you dont want the names in the results, you can just say you have a diffirent name!

Also sorry about some of the bad spelling some bigger words i cant quite get right DX I LIKE CATS :3 AND UNICORNS. Read warrior cats! OK ONE MORE THANKS FOR TAKING THIS!

Created by: Flancakes

  1. Ok! This is my first quiz so i hope you like it! First question....
  2. You wake up to see your mom. '' Go play with your friends! '' She says. What do you do?
  3. You go out ( NO MATTER WHAT YOU ANSWERED ) and see three kits, Barkkit, Rosekit, and, Lavakit. Barkkit says, '' What do you want to play? ''
  4. 5 moons later, you become apprentice's! The cats all shout your names: '' BARKPAW! ROSEPAW! LAVAPAW! ( Name ) PAW! '' Your mentor is Deerstep. What do you do first?
  5. When you come back, your mother is gone!!! You found out while she was hunting, another Clan took her and wont give her back unless your Clan gives up its most fresh kill! What do you do?!?!
  6. Your mother comes back and and she is not hurt! Thank goodness!
  7. You and your friends become warriors! Barkpaw is now Barkpelt, Rosepaw is now Rosesplash, Lavapaw is now Lavapebble, and your ( Name ). How do you react?
  8. Barkpelt comes, licks you ear, and asks, '' Do you wanna share tounges? ''
  9. Then, one night, while you are patrolling, a cat jumps out and attacks you! Its...
  10. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!

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