How well do you know warriors cats?

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Hi! I'm Mistystar and this is my first quiz! I absolutely LOVE warrior cats and highly recommend the books to young readers that might want some action and adventure. Pls don't be too hard on me I might have some errors.

I will soon be creating a warrior cats love story. Pls make sure you check out my other quizzes I am going to make! I hope you enjoy the Quiz! Thank you

Created by: AwesomeMistystar113

  1. What were Smallear's kits/kit called? (His first litter)
  2. What clan thought of mentoring apprentices in warriors?
  3. What is the Fifth law in the warrior code?
  4. Who was Mistystars mate?
  5. Why did Sandstorm and Fireheart choose Squirrelkit and Leafkit for their names?
  6. Who are Brackenfurs sisters and brothers?
  7. True or False Questions now! Mothwing and Hawkfrost's Mother is a rogue called Sarah
  8. When Redtail was a paw he could sense how evil Tigerclaw was but did not have the courage to tell the leader
  9. Who was the 7th leader of Thunderclan?
  10. Which of these warrior cats have never existed?
  11. How did Swiftpaw die?
  12. What were Daisy's kits/kit called? (When she first named them)
  13. Did you like the Quiz!?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know warriors cats?