A Doctor Who Love Story Part 5

Since it's been a while, please reread the rest of my series before continuing. Everything will make way more sense. So, the Doctor Who fast didn't turn out so well...

Shoutout time! Thank you Calypso1315 for pushing me to finish this. Thank you readers for keeping this alive. Finally, thank you everyone for not getting mad...

Created by: Bookworm123

  1. Hey! Skip this... And don't ask why!
  2. Sam. Your insides do an uncomfortable somersault as you notice the smile he forces. To you, it looks more like a grimace. "Sorry for intruding," he says quickly. "Wait!" you say and look at Jack. He nods and leaves the room. "What is it, Sam? you ask awkwardly. "I was going to see if I could convince you to sleep, but I'll come back later." He turns to leave, but you grab his arm. "Stay," you insist. His false smile turns into a hopeful grin. "Okay," he says. Once you are both sitting down, you yawn before you can stop yourself. Sam raises his eyebrows. You sigh in response. "Fine, I'll sleep," you say, sounding defeated. "But only if you promise to tell me more of those stories about Time Lords." His grin widens. "Sure. Alright, nice and cozy? Excellent. So there are these aliens called Time Lords. They have two hearts, but some act like they only have one. They have these giant ships called TARDISes, short for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space, and-" the rest of his words fade away as you fall asleep.
  3. (Sam's P.O.V.) I held her hand as she fell asleep. She was just so beautiful; her hair sparkled in the moonlight, her skin glowed... If only I could see her eyes. Her lovely, twinkling eyes that reminded me of a clear, starry night sky. Those eyes were the definition of perfect. Not like I would ever tell her that, of course. We were best friends, I didn't want to ruin our relationship. Besides, she didn't think of me that way. That honor belonged to Jack. I still shuddered at the thought of that kiss. She loved him and the Doctor. Probably Alex too. She just didn't love me, but that was fine. Her life, right? At least I could take comfort in the fact that I would always be there for her. When the Doctor leaves, I will be her companion. When Jack abandons her, I will comfort her. When Alex moves on, I will be her shoulder to cry on.
  4. Suddenly, the Doctor sat up, disrupting my thoughts. "Is _____ alright? Did Jack get her out? Please tell me she's alright!" he demanded. "Shh! She's sleeping," I whispered. "And yes, she's fine." A look of relief spread across the Doctor's ashen face. "Why do you care?," I teased. "She's just a companion. You haven't even had her all that long." His expression went from pleased to infuriated faster than I could say TARDIS. "Listen Sam," he began. "I know what she is, save it," I interupted. "I was just kidding." The Doctor nodded. "And she found out by herself," he guessed. "Yeah." The Doctor sighed and smiled dreamily. "Isn't she brilliant? I was going to tell her, but she figured it out on her own. How exactly did she find out?" I sighed. "She remembered it." The Doctor frowned. Then blushed. Even winced, although it wasn't out of physical pain. After that, it was impossible to tell which expression was which because they changed so frequently. Finally, he settled on a very forced smile. "Listen, Doc, she hasn't left your side since you got here. Just know you have to explain everything to her when she wakes up," I warned. "I think I'll take a nap," he said wearily. He sat back down and finally stopped talking. I myself was quite tired. My last thought before drifting off to sleep was, "Why does she have to be so perfect?"
  5. (Your P.O.V.) You rub your eyes and forget where you are for a moment. "____, you're awake?" someone asks. Oh, right, you're in some house waiting for the Doctor to get better. "I'm up," you say drowsily. A blurry figure is standing before you. You rub your eyes again. In front of you is the Doctor, alive and well! You bolt up and practically tackle him in a hug. The amount of questions you have waiting to be asked is endless, but you bury them and just enjoy the moment. "So, Sam told me you remembered all about our eighth birthday." And the moment is ruined. "Could you possibly explain that for me?" you ask him. "Sure, but let's get everyone together. They'll all want an explanation." You nod and the Doctor gathers everyone into the room.
  6. Everyone looks expectantly at the Doctor. "Well, let's start from the beginning. Your dad, the Professor, was a Time Lord. He fell in love with a human and they had you. All other human/Time Lord hybrids died before they even got a chance, but somehow you lived. Your mom died giving birth to you and your dad was as good as banished from Gallifrey, so he raised you as a human child. When you turned eight, it would have been custom for you to look into the Untempered Schism, also known as the Time Vortex. Some tests were run, and you appeared to be completely human so they refused to let you look into the Vortex. Your Time Lady side can only be unleashed if you look into the Vortex, but no human could survive it, so we had a bit of a dilemma. Together, we snuck into the room where the Vortex was concealed and looked into it together. It nearly burned you out, so your dad had to wipe your memory. Since it has been dormant and only triggered by memory, you thought it was all just a dream. When your dad left to fight in the Time War, he left you knowing that one day you would become the last true Time Lady."
  7. "As a child, you visited me frequently from all sorts of different stages in your life. In fact, I met you right before you went looking for your dad, but that won't happen until you're the same age I am right now. Since you're the last Time Lady, the Master wants to use you to recreate the Time Lord race. If I didn't get you to travel with me, then time would go all weird and a crack would appear. Since you're only half Time Lord, though, you only get six regenerations. Erm, have I missed anything? Oh yeah, and you inherited your dad's TARDIS. Any questions?" Everything starts to spin. "Why do I always have to faint?" I ask numbly before everything goes black.
  8. You see a little girl holding hands with a boy. Suddenly, the girl falls to the floor. A man runs and picks her up. The scene changes. Now, you are seeing the same boy greeting a woman. The scene changes yet again, and the boy is talking to yet another woman. Finally, you see the man from earlier screaming as the planet he is on burns. Another man is in a spaceship in the sky, watching it all go down. Then, six men stand before you. One is the Doctor, another is a man in a tweed suit and a bowtie, then there's Jack, Sam, Alex, and the Master. Each of them are burning as well, all but one. Right as you are about to see who isn't on fire, you wake up.
  9. You rub your eyes. Now you're on the TARDIS. Wait, are you still dreaming? No, this is definitely the real deal. The Doctor smiles down at you. "Finally, you've been unconscious for hours. By the way, you faint because your mind still remembers it as a dream so you have to remember it in the form of a dream. Since you looked into the Vortex as a human you can see things that pertain to your direct future or past. Oh, and the daydreams you've been experiencing? Only the expansion of your brain. More space, more to get lost in!" You smile. This is going to be one great adventure...
  10. Haha I'm back! Sorry for the leave of absence I took, but part 5 is finally out! Yay! And I finally came up with a closing catchphrase. Until later, "Don't Forget To Be Awesome!"

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