A Doctor Who Love Story Part 2

Here is part 2 to my Doctor Who Love Story series. I hope it is acceptable! As you can probably tell, this one stinks. I was half asleep when I did this!

It would be a bit too optimistic to hope that you like it, but oh well! If you haven't taken part 1, do so now! It is under my Maddie McIntosh account. Enjoy!

Created by: Bookworm123

  1. You open the door and find Sam Turner preparing to knock. He starts to say nonsense. "Sam, speak up." He sighs. "Don't go. Please. I don't want this guy to hurt you." Now it is your turn to sigh. "Sam, get out of my way. I need to do this," you explain. "Then let me come with." You freeze in your tracks. What will the man do if you show up with Sam? Would he be of any help? Could you possibly go without him? At least you had the answer to one question. You couldn't leave without Sam. Not only is he your best friend, but you can tell he won't take no for an answer. Since he is coming, wondering what the stranger will do won't help anyone. You tell him he can come. You sling your backpack over your shoulder and set off in a determined stride wih Sam closely at your heels. As you walk, however, something strange comes over you. Emotions. Strange ones though, like someone was shoving them down your throat.
  2. You sop walking. The emotions stop and are replaced with instinct. The instinct mankind developed early on in history. The instinct, gut feeling that you are being watched. "Sam, is it just me or does it feel like we're being watched?" You ask, hoping that you are just paranoid. "I think we should just walk quickly and ignore that tiny voice in our heads telling us to go back or to STOP MOVING!" he yells at you. "Yeah, lets get a move on," you quietly agree. Walking a bit quicker than before, you find that little feeling intensifying. The two of you find yourselves jogging presently. Ten minutes after you first stopped, you are both sprinting with no clue why.
  3. As you run, you bump into someone. "Sorry," you quickly say. You try to continue running, but the person is holding your arm. "You wouldn't happen to have seen a girl on your way here? I had an appointment and she's a bit late." You look at your surroundings. You are already in the park. Its 12:01 AM on your watch. "Were you the man that called me?" you ask suspiciously. "Ah, yes! That would be me," he says cheerily. "What do you want?" He pauses. "I want- no, need, for you to come with me. Someone else wants you and I can't let them get to you. World security at stake. And might I ask who your friend is?" Oh, right. You nearly forgot about Sam. "This is my best friend, Sam Turner," you say. "Nice to meet you, Sam. Let me introduce myself. I'm the Doctor."
  4. "You can't be. If you're the Doctor, where's the bowtie?" Sam challenges. "I will never, I repeat, never, wear a bowtie. Since when did I ever wear a bowtie?" the Doctor answers. "Since your eleventh regeneration," Sam defends. "I've only regenerated ten times." Sam looks puzzled, then like he understands. "You haven't met her yet, have you?" "No, I haven't. Who is she?" "The wrong name at the wrong time can cause massive damage." "Like I don't know that already," the Doctor says, ending the conversation. "Uh, listen. I'm nothing special. Just your run-of-the-mill, daydreaming, emotional teenager," you defend. The Doctor stares at you. "I don't have enough time to explain. We need to get in the TARDIS, now," he says. When the Doctor's back is turned, you look at Sam and raise your eyebrow. "It's Time And Relative Dimensions In Space, in case you're wondering," the Doctor says. "Now come along! Any slower and we'll be going back in time!" You shrug and try to keep up with him.
  5. The Doctor runs until he finds a small blue box, sort of like a public telephone. He opens the door and motions for you to join him. You widen the door and step inside. It is amazing! The first and most important observation you make is that it is bigger on the inside! Then you look at the details. The metallic walls are supported with a sort of coral, the center has a tube, and the console! Each and every button and lever sparkles like a precious gem to you. They seem to call out to you, "Use me, use me!" Everything about the place has that timeless quality that you feel when you read classic literature. It has a bit of an ancient feeling, yet a new feeling: it feels like it has always been there, yet only just arrived. "What do you think of it?" the Doctor asks. At that moment, for lack of any working brain cells, you say the dumbest thing that has ever escaped your lips. "It's bigger on the inside." The Doctor smiles. "They all say that. Don't know why, but they always do. What ELSE do you think?" he pries. "It... It feels magical, magestic. Like a queen who has lost her country but continues to travel the countryside," you say, feeling like the comparisons you thought of in your head sounded better. He still seems to like the simile. "She is a lost queen," he mutters to himself. "As I am a lost king."
  6. You all just stand there for a few hours. Eventually, Sam speaks up. "Doctor, got anywhere I can sleep for the night?" The Doctor looks like Sam interupted his train of thought. "Ya, I'll just get the TARDIS to make you guys some rooms," he says. A few minutes later the Doctor was guiding you to your room. "Hope you like it," he says. "Thanks." You walk into your room. It is rather beautiful, but you are too tired to appreciate it. You plop down onto the bed. The strange thing is, you can't sleep. You are more restless now than ever. Instead, you decide to explore.
  7. The first thing you notice is that the corridor where your room was has vanished. You don't really care, since new corridors means more to explore. You wander for a while before finding a door. Slowly and dramatically, you open it. Inside, you find a bedroom. It is covered in dust and cobwebs. The whole thing is a strange color, so alien, yet so comforting. The walls are covered in small gadgets and shining knick knacks. On the dresser, you see a bunch of pictures. In one, it shows a man hugging his wife. In yet another, it shows the most adorable five year old. One common theme in the photographs, however, is a strange backdrop. In one, you see two suns setting in an orange sky. In another, you see silver leaves blowing through the still orange sky. The room feels like home. You plop down on the old bed and fall asleep.
  8. You are running again, but not from something. To something. The family as you had come to think of them, the husband, wife, and child, were grinning from ear to ear. The man's face begins to flicker. Suddenly, they all flicker out until only the man is left. His face is still flickering. He is now replaced by the somber Doctor. His face flickers again. Now it is that of a madman. His eyes are paralyzing and cold. Looking at them makes you feel like you are looking at a dead body- they are like ice and lifeless to the point of stopping you in your tracks. You turn to run from him, but behind you there is only fire. Fire and bloodcurdling screams. You try to turn back, but the man is gone. Now you are surrounded by fire and death cries of billions of people. You see the Doctor, watching it all from above, letting it all burn to the ground. "DOCTOR!" you scream. He looks at you with a sad look in his eyes and ignores your plea for help.
  9. You sit up and scream. You seem to have done that quite a lot recently. "What were you doing in that room?" You nearly jump. It is the Doctor. "I was exploring and I found it and I fell asleep there. It was an accident, I swear I didn't mean for it to happen and it won't happen again," you say so quickly you are afraid you might have to repeat it. He just nods in response. "That was my room. Not like I use it that much. It just startled me to see it in use." You smile. You are glad that he isn't mad at you. "What was your nightmare about?" he asks. "Oh, nothing really. Just the people in your pictures and some crazy man and people on fire. Nothing special," you answer nonchalantly. He looks worried, but quickly masks it with false understanding. "Why, something eating my dreams?" You laugh at your own joke. He smiles, but he still seems worried. "Yeah. Something like that," he says.
  10. You feel hungry so you decide to get some breakfast. Apparently Sam had the same idea. When you get to the kitchen, Sam is cooking eggs, bacon, pancakes, waffles, muffins, and cereal *for those bland idiots :P* He looks over at you and smiles. "What would you like?" he asks. "Hmmm... I think I'll have (place food here)." He smiles. "Well, we have plenty! Dig in!" You most certainly do. When you feel like you might explode, you go to the main control room. The Doctor is there. "Hey, can I go outside?" you ask. He shakes his head sadly. "I'm sorry ___, but there are creatures out there looking for you. You're no good to anyone dead." You frown. "Well, why not go somewhere else? Somewhere where there aren't any monsters!" you say desperately. "You can read in the library. I can add a gaming room. Even a stimulation room, but no outdoors." Since you haven't read in a while, you head to the library.
  11. You continue to read until midnight. You feel hungry again, so you attempt to locate the kitchen once more. Unfortunately, you can't. Suddenly, you find yourself in the main control room. The Doctor has left. You look around in the semi-darkness. The door seems to glow. You debate with yourself. Should you go out? Should you listen to the Doctor? A part of you wants to listen. If you go out, then you will most likely get in trouble one way or another. However, you can't bear the thought of you staying in the TARDIS for the rest of your forseeable future. You debate for quite a long time before deciding to leave. Besides, you can't find the kitchen and you need food. "You can do this, ___," you tell yourself. You pull the door and go outside. What you see amazes you. Where the park used to be, the park construction is going underway. Outside the site, there's a gas station and an old candy store. "No way," you whisper in awe. You are in 2007.
  12. You walk to the gas station. Inside, there's a whole ton of random treats and sodas. You pack your arms with the oddest things you can find and walk to the counter. "Nice choice," the guy at the counter says. He's actually pretty hot; his brilliant green eyes contrast nicely with his full head of ginger hair. "The name's Alex. Alex Hays," he says. "I'm __. Nice to meet you." He smiles. "I have a friend with the same name. So, ___, do you have anyone who's gonna take you to he dance tonight?" he asks casually. "I had no clue there was a dance. Only just got here," you answer honestly. "Well, will you go with me?" he asks very straightforwardly.
  13. You say yes. You walk out of the shop feeling rather successful until you realize you have nothing to wear. You run to a small boutique. Eventually, you find a beautiful dress. It looks like...
  14. You go to the gas station, hoping Alex is still there. He perks up when you walk in. "Stopping by to visit?" he asks casually. "I have no clue where this dance is," you say. He smiles. "Then allow me to escourt the fine lady to a ball of equal splendor," he says in a rich snobby voice. You laugh and nod. He walks you out to his car and takes you to a school. It looks crowded. "Meet you in the gym?" he asks. "Yeah, I need to change," you answer. The two of you go your seperate ways; you to the bathroom, him to the gymnasium. You change and walk into the dance, turning several heads and getting several slapped by their dates. When Alex sees you he blushes. "You look stunning." You smile. "As do you," you throw the compliment back at him. Suddenly, you hear a scream. "Seriously, I am never going to have a day to myself at this rate," you mutter under your breath. Then you freeze. The man from your nightmare is here. And this time, he's not alone.
  15. Sorry the writing was so bad! Mid night writing + literature = bad story. The plot rushed a bit more than I wanted, but its fine! Also, I hope the cliffhanger didn't totally suck. Chances are, in the morning I won't remember posting this. Oh well! So you finally met Alex Hays. He isn't the shy kid I made him out to be. Sorry but he sounded better in my head. Hope you enjoyed this! Rate and comment please!

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