How well do you know Doctor Who?

There are many people who like Doctor Who, but few true Whovians. Whovians, after all, are quite awesome. What is a Whovian? A Whovian is someone who has an extraordinary knowledge of Doctor Who, and collects everything Doctor Who that they can get their hands on.

Are YOU a Whovian? Are you obsessed enough with Doctor Who to qualify for that phenomenal title? Until now you could only brag and say so. But thanks to this amazing quiz, you can confirm that you are indeed (or aren't) a Whovian!

Created by: Kaytlyn
  1. What are the statues called in the episode 'Blink'? (Also 'Flesh and Stone')
  2. Who is the Doctor's rival?
  3. What is an alias of the Doctor?
  4. What does secret paper do?
  5. How does the Doctor travel?
  6. What was the last thing the 10th Doctor said before regenerating?
  7. Daleks' favorite word?
  8. Weakness of the Sontarans:
  9. In which episode do the Vashta Nerada make an appearance?
  10. Who plays the most recent Doctor? (2012)

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Doctor Who?