How well do you know Doctor Who? (2005 - present)

Have you ever heard of the show Doctor Who? If not, this quiz probably isn't for you. But if so, come take this quiz! See how good you are with Doctor Who trivia.

Note: questions are based on the shows from 2005 to present (April 2012). The older seasons and episodes are barely or not mentioned or referred to here.

Created by: The Doctor

  1. List the last three Doctors in order, Season 1 to Season 6.
  2. What's the tool the Doctor uses for various tasks- unlocking doors, scanning things, and sometimes killing monsters?
  3. Let's go through the seasons. Season 1: What is the name of the "last human on Earth" in the episode "The End of the World"?
  4. Season 2: what old Doctor Who monster makes a reappearance in the 5th and 6th, and also the 12th and 13th episodes?
  5. Season 3: who is the Doctor's companion for this season?
  6. Season 4: What important event occurs at the end of this season?
  7. Season 5: What circumstances occur to bring the Doctor to be in the young Amelia Pond's yard in the very first episode of the season?
  8. Season 6: What is/are the creature(s) that are/is hunting the Doctor all throughout the season called?
  9. What does TARDIS stand for?
  10. What causes the Ninth Doctor's death?
  11. What caused the Tenth Doctor's death?
  12. What is the Doctor's home planet called?
  13. What happened to the Doctor's home planet?
  14. In the second-to-last episode of the fifth season, what landmark is the Pandorica hidden under?
  15. Who is River Song?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Doctor Who? (2005 - present)