Would You Survive If You Were the Last Person On Earth?

So you fancy your self as the next Will Smith, surviving onslaught of vampire people, before killing your self to save humanity. If so then read on if not try it for fun anyway, you might surprise your self.

So you read on, cool. Now take the quiz, answer truthfully and you may find an answer that suits you to a T, because Butt Doctor NEVER lies, truth. I mean it I'm telling the truth, I would never lie, don't you trust the Good old Butt Doctor... Take the dam quiz already.

Created by: Butt Doc
  1. Do you have a pet?
  2. Can do you work well on your own?
  3. If you had a task, would you stick to it?
  4. Would you keep hope when all hope seems lost?
  5. Are you practical? E.g. Could you build a campfire, find food, etc.
  6. Are you smart?
  7. Are you easily startled?
  8. Do you need technology?
  9. If you could save three things what would you save?
  10. In relation to the last question if you could take four items would the extra one be a tent?
  11. How do you sleep?
  12. Are you easily bored?
  13. How would you go about repopulating the Earth?
  14. Do you like the dark?
  15. If you were eating something it would have to be?
  16. You are slowly dipping into your own madness, do you?
  17. The quiz is over now have you learnt anything?

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