The Doctor Who (2005-2014) Quiz

This quiz is designed to test the knowledge of any fans of the most recent 7 series of "Doctor Who", from 2005 to 2014. Information about the older series would help, but is not vital; the focus is on the eras of Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi.

If you have been loyally following said seven series, why not test yourself and prove your loyalty with this quiz? But be warned, it is difficult. Only the most attentive viewers will triumph...

Created by: The Time Lord Victorious
  1. Who is the Doctor?
  2. Who invented the name "TARDIS"?
  3. How many times has the Doctor regenerated?
  4. Which of these Dalek variants does not exist?
  5. Which two races were affected by the Chen-7 disease on Apalapucia?
  6. On which planet did the Doctor encounter the Hath?
  7. Which of the following was not a Doctor-lite episode?
  8. In "The Pandorica Opens", which of the following aliens were not mentioned as having come to Stonehenge for the opening of the Pandorica?
  9. Where was Gibbis from?
  10. What does the anagram "H.A.D.S." stand for?
  11. What did the Doctor say he traded to acquire the tramp's clothes in "Deep Breath"?
  12. Choose the correct spelling of the Slitheen's home world.
  13. In "The Time Of The Doctor", what were the Eleventh Doctor's last words?
  14. What colour were the Zocci?
  15. What colour was the light of the Mark VII sonic screwdriver?

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