How much of a BBC fan are you?

This quiz will determine whether you are a true BBC fan or not. I did not include Merlin questions. Most questions are about the Newer Doctor Who Episodes, Sherlock, and the beloved Steven Moffat

Are you a true BBC fan? Do you know all about David Tennant and Matt Smith? Do you onow about the people in Sherlock's life? Do you get called an unlikely geek whenever someone discovers your Doctor Who shrine... I sure do

Created by: delilah
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  1. Do you know who Steven Moffat is?
  2. What does TARDIS stand for?
  3. What is the name of Sherlock's roomate?
  4. What Doctor Who episode is Steven Moffat most proud of?
  5. What two words reoccur throughout Doctor Who that have a connection with Rose Tyler?
  6. Who was the first person the Doctor saw after his eleventh regeneration?
  7. What was the hound of Baskerville that killed someone
  8. Bow ties are
  9. Beans and pears
  10. Who is the evil mastermind in Sherlock?
  11. Which family member does Rose Tyler see die?
  12. Who is is the face of Boe
  13. Where is the doctor from?
  14. Donna Noble
  15. DAVID tennant is from ... I spelt his name wrong for the results woopsy
  16. I am too lazy to continue wrighting questions so here is your last one... who knows the Doctor's name

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Quiz topic: How much of a BBC fan am I?