Will you ever become the Doctor's companion?

The Doctor, the incredible Gallifreyan Time Lord himself, is searching for something new. He is traveling with Rose Tyler, (I love that girl!) and has come upon your town/city/middle of nowhere.

Will YOU be the one to travel through space and time? Are you like the others-Rose Tyler, Amelia Pond, Donna Noble, and others-who will walk into the amazing TARDIS?

Created by: Katy

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  1. Do you blend in to the crowd, or do you stand out like a peacock in a crowd of geese?
  2. Have you ever heard/seen unexplainable things?
  3. Have you ever been to a psychiatrist, insisting you saw a 'raggedy man' or an odd monster/alien?
  4. Have strange things happened in your area? ANY?
  5. Have you ever seen anyone with a weird, sonar-sounding device?
  6. Do you think I'm insane? Random question, thought I might ask...
  7. The Doctor has feelings, y'know. Do you know the Time Lord story?
  8. A lot of people say that Doctor Who is fictional. Take my mum, for instance. What do YOU think?
  9. Have you ever heard a...noise? It's sort of like a VVVMP. VVVMP. Schwoo-woooo...and then it fades out.
  10. Last question, and this is just for fun. Who's your favourite out of these people?

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Quiz topic: Will I ever become the Doctor's companion?