Doctor Who New Series Quiz

Many people watch Doctor Who, but do they really know the show? This quiz will test the reaches of your knowledge of seasons 1-3. A true expert will fly through, but anything less and you may get tripped up.

Are you a true Who Geek? This quiz will ascertain where you are on the road to Who-dom. Be sure to follow the Doctor's prescription based on your results.

Created by: Amy of Amy T.'s Cubicle
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  1. Who portrayed the Ninth Doctor?
  2. Who raised Mickey?
  3. What did the Doctor give Rose so that she would not be afraid he would leave her?
  4. Which group of Daleks survived after the Tenth Doctor closed the rift in time?
  5. What is the name of the girl who fed the children in "The Empty Child?"
  6. Who is the Bad Wolf?
  7. Why did the Ninth Doctor need to regenerate?
  8. What is the name of the little girl who draws in "Fear Her?"
  9. Who gave the Tenth Doctor his coat?
  10. In "Father's Day," the Doctor asks Rose to tell him she's sorry. After she does, what does the Doctor do?
  11. When Martha sees Lazlo for the first time, what does she do?
  12. "The Lazarus Experiment" contains a reference to what popular film?
  13. What does the Doctor tell Martha never to waste time in?
  14. In which episode did the Doctor finally tell Martha the truth about his planet?
  15. Where is Rose when the Doctor appears to her for the last time?
  16. What television game show is both featured on an episode of Doctor Who and featured the cast of Doctor Who on a special?
  17. After Martha realized the Doctor wants her to stay on as his companion, what two things does she do?
  18. Where was the cathedral scene in "The Lazarus Experiment" filmed?
  19. What is Martha's sister's name?
  20. What is the name of Shakespeare's son who died?
  21. What odd object does the Doctor tell Rose she should always take to a party?
  22. What is the natural accent of the actor playing the Tenth Doctor?
  23. What famous British author's iconic character was referred to during the Christmas Invasion, when the Tenth Doctor saved the world in pajamas?
  24. Which actress asked Tenth Doctor David Tennant if the Daleks' guns were whisks?
  25. What is Rose wearing when she meets Queen Victoria?
  26. Where does Donna Noble work?
  27. What three episodes feature pigs in prominent positions in the plot?
  28. Who defeats the Daleks at the end of Season 1?
  29. How old was David Tennant when he began watching Doctor Who?
  30. What species was the Doctor's alien female friend in "The End of the World?"
  31. Is Donna wearing a veil when she enter the Tardis?
  32. What is the name of the robots who masquerade as Santas in both Christmas Specials?
  33. What was David Tennant's name in the sketch he did with Catherine Tate for Comic Relief? (other than The Doctor)
  34. Where did the Doctor drop Sarah Jane off when he initially left her?
  35. What animal does Donna say the Doctor's coat is too small to fit?
  36. After the Doctor wakes and defeats the Pilot Fish in the Christmas Invasion, why does he say he's sick?
  37. Who does the Doctor say gave up on him?
  38. What two queens end up vexed with the Tenth Doctor?
  39. In which episode does the Doctor call he and Rose "the stuff of legend?"

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